How To Have Fun Without Drinking on Halloween

How To Have Fun Without Drinking on Halloween

As the leaves start to fall and you feel that slight chill in the air you know, autumn has begun. With this change comes one of the most iconic nights of the season, Halloween. For those who don’t celebrate, Halloween is the one night a year where kids get dressed up and knock on strangers doors for candy. Now, Halloween is a little different in college. You are more likely to see drunk teenagers running around with little to no clothing on. Alcohol can be a big part of Halloween but it doesn’t have to be.

There is so much that can go wrong with drinking alcohol. You could potentially ruin your entire future. This doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of people who don’t drink at all and that is okay. You always have a choice when it comes to the consumption of alcohol. There are plenty of things a person can do to enjoy the spooky season without hurting your liver.

Even though there is not much drinking going on during the day, there are plenty of day time activities friends and family can do together. For instance, the pumpkin patch. I used to love going to  the pumpkin patch as a child with my family. Going back with my friends now always brings back good memories. Other places you can go if pumpkins aren’t your thing are apple picking, hay riding, haunted houses and even riding around looking at the trees. Most of the trees around campus have started to show their autumn colors.

Night time is when the drinking usually occurs. Now if you find yourself at a frat party this Hallows eve, you still don’t have to drink. You can be a sober shoulder for all your drunk friends to cry on. Don’t want to be asked constantly if you want a drink? Bring your own cup and fill it with whatever non alcoholic beverage you want! I recommend drinking water because the frats get very hot very fast. If you are not at a frat house, there are other fun things you can do instead of drinking. These include pumpkin carving, baking spooky treats, reading scary stories, and watching some horror movies. Personally I recommend the Conjuring movies, they freak me out everytime.

Now if you feel you are being pressured to drink there are two things you need to know. You do not have to drink and the person pressuring you does not have your best interest in mind. True friends will never judge you for staying sober so the best thing to do if no isn’t enough is leave. You can step outside, in the bathroom, or even walk back to your dorm. Drinking is not a crucial part of college life. Remember to drink water and watch out for your fellow students. You never know when someone might need your help. Stay safe hounds.