Ana’s Answers: Long Distance Relationships

Anas Answers: Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships are tricky situations. They can end well or in burning flames. I guess the real question is to know if your relationship is a dependent or independent relationship. Independent relationships seem to be easier to manage over long distances. Two people can live their own lives and then come together at the end of the day and be with each other. Dependent relationships are a little harder. Usually, in these relationships, you need the other person to survive throughout the day. I am not trying to say there is anything wrong with these kinds of relationships. They are just much harder to manage when you are not within reach of each other. I am not saying you are doomed. There is one key factor to any successful relationship: communication. That doesn’t mean there has to be contact all day everyday. Instead, I am talking about good morning and goodnight texts, asking about how their day is, and paying attention to the big things in your partner’s life. My one big tip is to think about how your current relationship is affecting you. Is it helping or hurting your day-to-day life? If it is too much of a stressor for you, it is okay to leave your partner. Your mental health comes first.

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