Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts and Date Ideas


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Valentine’s Dollar Store Gift Basket: Dollar Tree has some great Valentine’s items! Grab a red or pink basket and some tissue paper, a box of chocolates, and some other candy, grab some themed goodies your partner would like, and arrange it in the basket! You’re all set! – Lola Offenback 

Run to the grocery store and buy sticky notes, chocolate, fruit, and flowers! Many stores sell heart-shaped fruit baskets for those who don’t like chocolate, along with many other creative gifts like cookie cakes and muffins. Write a cute little pun on the sticky notes for every item, like “I find you very appealing” or “we make a great pear!” Your partner will love the snacks and the little reminders! – Liz Kameen

Stay date: Order food in or cook together. Get some favorite snacks – candy, popcorn, cakes, chips, whatever you both enjoy. Play video games, board games, mess around with arts and crafts or watch a movie. Even just hang out and chat. Just relax, have fun, and enjoy each other’s company. Simple, inexpensive, customized to you as a couple – perfect! (A great way to bond and grow closer, too.) –  Sabrina Moody

Coffee and a walk to Monocacy Park: Grab a coffee near campus, from Bitty and Beau’s Coffee or The Joint. Maybe grab a pastry and sit to chat for a while before heading out for a walk on Monocacy Trail to Monocacy Park. – Lola Offenback

Bake some treats for your significant other, or do it together as a cute bonding moment! Even if you aren’t a great cook or baker, there’s tons of easy recipes out there to experiment with, and it can be completely customized to you or your partner’s preferences. – Liz Kameen