2023 Oscar Predictions


Photo Courtesy of Variety

Last year, I made a list of predictions for the Oscars and what would win. This year we are doing a similar article. However, instead of making predictions for what will win, it is instead what I believe deserves the win. Additionally, not every category will be covered, and instead, more focus will go to different categories I am more familiar with.

Actor in a Leading Role

There are two actors that I really wish for this award to go to, those being Brendan Frashier and Colin Ferrel. In the end, I think that Brendan Frasier deserves the reward for his absolutely fantastic performance in “The Whale.”

Actor in a Supporting Role

This award is straightforward for me, there is no possible way that I couldn’t hope to see anyone besides Ke Huy Quan win for his amazing job in “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” The film is absolutely phenomenal and I have a strong feeling it is going to win many awards.I am excited to see it do so starting with this award.

Actress in a Leading Role

I’m very glad to continue to show my love for “Everything Everywhere All at Once” with the hope to see Michelle Yeoh win best actress. Yeoh is only the second Asian actress ever to be nominated for best actress in a leading role, with the last one being Merle Oberon, nominated in 1936. It’s a long time overdue and I hope to see her get recognition for a fantastic performance.

Actress in a Supporting Role

This might be the hardest category for me to give an answer to which actress I think deserves this award the most. Of the two actresses nominated for “Everything Everywhere All at Once” I think that Stephanie Hsu deserves it over Jamie Lee Curtis. However, I think in the end the actress that I want to see win the most is Angela Bassett for her role in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. It was quite shocking when she won the award at the Golden Globes and would be a great surprise to see her win again, but I can also definitely see Hsu winning.

Animated Feature

I easily see this award going to either Guerrmo Del Toro’s “Pinnochio” or “Marcel The Shell With Shoes On”. However, these are not the films that I want to see win the award. Instead, I really hope to see the award go to “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.” Not that I wouldn’t want the other two films to win, but the sequel to “Puss in Boots” was a surprise hit last year that nobody expected to be anywhere near as phenomenal as it was.


There’s no way that I could want anything else besides “All Quiet on the Western Front” to win. A film like that which can truly show just the travesty of war through imagery is truly fascinating.

Costume Design

This came down to two films that I want to see win this award. However, I really do just have to go for the cop-out and say “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” It really comes down to just how I want to see a movie like this win a lot of awards so badly, we haven’t really ever had a film like this nominated this much since the likes of Return of the King in 2003.


This is actually an award that I don’t want to see “Everything Everywhere” win. Instead, I think that it’s time for Stephen Spielberg to win another best director award for “The Fablemans.” The Fablemans is a movie that really is just a love letter to cinema, and while there has been a large variety of films like that before, Spielberg truly is one figure who deserves to make a film like that with his legendary career. 

Film Editing

This is another award that I think “Everything Everywhere All at Once” has truly earned for itself. The editing of this film is top notch and I’m glad to see it getting recognition with nominations in so many categories, now I hope to see it get the wins it deserves.

International Feature Film

I see no world in which “All Quiet on the Western Front” doesn’t win International Feature Film. The reason for this is that the film is also nominated for best picture, and usually, when this happens with an international film, it wins this award.

Makeup and Hairstyling

While I definitely predict Elvis to win this award, it certainly isn’t the film I want to see win. Instead, that has to go to “All Quiet on the Western Front.” The way that the film captures the terrors of war on Paul’s face is truly immaculate.

Music (Original Score)

Part of my decision for who I want to see win the award comes from the fact that I believe that we might not have many years left of his talented work. As such, I would really love to see John Williams win this award for his work on “The Fablemans.” Williams is an icon for his classic work on many different movie scores, and at 91 years old it feels right for him to win for his work on a movie with longtime collaborator Steven Speilberg

Music (Original Song)

Naatu Naatu! Naatu Naatu! Naatu Naatu! In all seriousness, I do truly believe that Naatu Naatu from “RRR” does truly deserve to win best original song. Part of this is because overall the movie has been snubbed with only this one nomination, and the song definitely deserves it over the others nominated.

Production Design

This is an award that I can see easily going to either “All Quiet on the Western Front,” or to “The Fablemans.” In the end, I do really want to see “All Quiet on the Western Front” with the award more than anything else that has been nominated.

Short Film (Animated)

I actually got a chance to watch these, mainly because a lot of them have funny names. I really want to see “An Ostrich Told Me the World is Fake and I Think I Believe It.” The name and premise behind the film are just so utterly bizarre and creative I love it so much.


“The Batman” is my clear winner that I really want to see win this award. The sound design is really satisfying and in truth, this is a movie that I expected to see with far more nominations than it received so I was a little taken aback by that.

Visual Effects

There’s no way in my right mind that I couldn’t say “Avatar: The Way of Water.” The Avatar series will probably become most known for its spectacular use of visual effects, and I would be surprised if it gets forgotten for how it uses them so quickly.

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

Oh perfect, this is the opportunity to talk about one of my favorite movies that I feel got really snubbed but did get this nomination, that being “Glass Onion.” I think this film deserved a best picture nomination and the fact that it didn’t hurt a little bit, but I am glad to see it here. I hope to see it win its only nomination.

Writing (Original Screenplay)

I once again get to sing the praises of “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” This is one of the most creative films in years and is such a fresh concept. I loved being able to enjoy it and experience it, and really do hope it receives the great success and recognition it deserves.

Best Picture

This is probably the hardest category to select a nominee from. With 10 nominations, there are  a lot of movies nominated that do feel there just to make the 10 such as “Elvis,” “Women Talking,” and “Triangle of Sadness.” However, of the 10 movies nominated, I do still feel strongly in saying “Everything Everywhere All At Once” deserves best picture in my opinion.