Editor’s Letter 3/24


Photo courtesy of Liz Kameen

Dear readers,

Spring is finally here and to kick off the second-best season, we’ve gotten the most inconsistent weather I have ever seen in my life.

Just this Wednesday, I was shivering while walking to class with a jacket on then by the afternoon it was like 60 degrees outside. I don’t know what is going on in the sky but the weather needs to decide whether it wants to be winter or spring, no more of this back and forth. If I wanted winter weather at the end of March I would just go home to where my parents have the AC on in 40 degrees weather

Regardless though, Spring also signifies that the end of the semester is rapidly approaching. As classes start to ramp up be sure to give yourself proper breathing room to just simply relax because trust me you are going to need it. 

Spring also means that we are also coming close to the final refreshes. Don’t worry though, we have a lot of stuff in store for the last month of the semester 😉

I would also like to announce that we have a new copy editor! Lola Offenback is our newest addition to the editorial staff and she’s been a fantastic addition to the Comenian since last fall.

I’m also  pleased to report that the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association recently recognized the accomplishments of two Comenian reporters with 2023 Student Keystone Media Awards:

The Student Keystone Media Awards contest recognizes student journalism that provides relevance, integrity, and initiative in serving readers. 

Before I sign off: if you’re interested in joining The Comenian please join us at our meetings, which take place every Wednesday at 5 pm in Zinzendorf Hall, room 100. 

We are looking for new writers, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, and more, so if any of those interests you be sure to stop by or email me at [email protected]

The Comenian supports a wide range of content, so if you want to interview students around campus, you can. If you want to make video essays you can. If you want to make short comics, you can. Whether you want to write about news, politics, music, movies, sports, video games, food, history, or anything else, I guarantee you will have a place here.

Also, if you would like to be notified by email whenever we publish a new edition of the paper – either the online or print version – please send your address to [email protected]. We’ll add you to our email list!

Thank you for reading this week’s refresh. I hope you come back soon as we continue to publish new content every other week.

Your editor-in-chief,