Moravian Parking is About to Become a Lot Better


If you are a commuter or resident student with a car on campus, you know that Moravian parking is an absolute nightmare. All the lots are in the most inconvenient places imaginable, there’s no real needs-based method for parking unless you have medical accommodations, and we are often kicked from the lots we paid for.

Fear not! Parking is finally being improved! Moravian will be building 3 different parking decks for north and south residents along with commuters. 

Lot B will become a 4-story parking deck, all of Lot X is being converted into a 3-story deck, and the south campus lot will be getting a massive expansion.

This comes after years and years of badgering and criticism from the Moravian community but our calls have finally been answered.

To boot, parking will be free for all students as long as they have a pass once construction has finished. There will also no longer be ticketing on weekends.

In response to this, Moravian police commissioner, James Gordon stated “I’m glad this nightmare is finally over now we really will have nothing to do during the week”

Parking passes will be $10,000 per month.

Very exciting I know. This is all very real information.