Praise of the Week: Cleaning Crew


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If you’re a resident student, you’ve probably seen them cleaning the bathrooms or hallways in your dorm or suite. They work hard, making sure you don’t live in complete filth as you go about your academic life. They do the work you don’t want to, keeping everything in tip-top shape so you can utilize the offered facilities in peace.

They are the cleaning crew, and they are a gift from the heavens.

I don’t know who hired the cleaning crew at Moravian, but they have a good eye. This entirety of the staff does work that some may consider undesirable, yet they are never nasty or sour about it. I always look forward to Thursdays, because that’s when someone from the cleaning crew comes by. I know for a fact that any grime that built up over the past week will be gone by the time they’re done cleaning.

Considering how disgusting some students can be (you know who you are), I’m shocked that the crew does as good of a job as they do. I’ve seen some really gross stuff in some dorms that I wouldn’t want to even be within 15 feet of. Regardless of that though, the cleaning crew will persevere and anything that made me gag will be gone after they’re done. 

Now, normally this wouldn’t be that big of a deal. It is in fact their job, and it would make sense that they do their job well. However, it’s not just the fact that they’re good at what they do, it’s that they’re angels disguised as humans.

Not only do they clean the buildings every week, but they’re also some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. If I ever walk out of my room while someone is cleaning the hallways, they always make it a point to chat with me and ask me how my semester is going. They don’t have to talk to me at all. They can just ignore me and do their job… yet they don’t.

I also want to point out how they’re willing to wait for students to do what they need to do. I got up late one morning while someone was cleaning my bathroom. Normally, I like to shower right when I wake up, but obviously I couldn’t while she was cleaning. I walked out of my room and the person cleaning immediately noticed me. 

After asking about my week and talking to me about classes, she offered to let me take my shower even though she was in the middle of cleaning. My suite is usually the first one that the crew visits on that particular weekday, and they had already finished cleaning the downstairs. This meant that our cleaner was willing to wait and potentially fall behind just for my convenience. I let them finish cleaning, but it was so sweet knowing that they were willing to wait just for my sake.

Not only that, but they also take care of things that would otherwise go unnoticed. Facilities have come to fix multiple problems in my suite that were found by the cleaning crew while working. Problems that, if it weren’t for the cleaning crew, wouldn’t have been resolved. They genuinely care for the well-being of us students.

I know that this may sound like I’m just thanking the cleaning crew for doing their job, but I think it goes beyond that. Their continued investment in improving the lives of students should not go unnoticed. I don’t think many students realize just how much they rely on the cleaning crew. If it weren’t for them, Moravian would be a much more disgusting trash heap. Their work and kindness are greatly appreciated, and they deserve all the respect in the world.