‘Ted Lasso’ Brings Feel Good Energy


Photo courtesy of IMDb

Like many people, I’ve had lots of shows that I’ve wanted to watch but never got around to them. Maybe it’s because I get sucked into watching other shows or just forget to watch them. For two years, that was my attitude towards “Ted Lasso” Needless to say, “Ted Lasso” has probably been one of my favorite new shows to watch all year and is absolutely phenomenal. “Ted Lasso” stars the titular character of Ted as he travels from Kansas, where he is a College Football coach of American Football, and becomes the coach of AFC Richmond, a European Football club that plays in the British Premier League. In premise alone, the show is set up for comedy, and it does play into the show a fair bit. However, comedy is not really an aspect that “Ted Lasso” does particularly well.

There are a lot of very humorous moments that do make me laugh and giggle, and a lot of well-made jokes. For those more familiar, the show takes aspects from British Comedy which makes sense as it is written as a collaboration between American and British writers, with a lot of the jokes being a bit more subtle and not really focusing heavily on them. The jokes are quick, clever, and, while not laugh-out-loud funny, they certainly are funny. However, “Ted Lasso’s” real success comes from its cast of characters.

A lot of the humor of the show also originates from the characters; there isn’t a lot of physical comedy or set-up jokes, but rather it comes from the characters’ interactions, and they are quite engaging. Jason Sudeikis is phenomenal as Ted Lasso, the undyingly optimistic American in a world of pessimistic British People such as Roy Kent, played by Brett Goldstein. Roy Kent is the captain of AFC Richmond, who is reaching the end of his career and is very entertaining with his straightforward attitude and trucker’s mouth; he also plays well-off, hot up-and-comer on the team Jamie Tartt. Ted also plays almost perfectly off of Rebecca Welton played by Hannah Waddingham, the owner of AFC Richmond going through a divorce after her husband cheated on her with multiple women. There are also plenty of side characters like other players on the team, such as Sam, Isaac, and Colin, Leslie Higgins, the Director of Football, and Keelie Jones. The characters are what really make “Ted Lasso” so special, as the characters are all so relatable which greatly improves the show and their interactions. The show does a phenomenal job of making you root for all of these characters and wanting to see them succeed and do well, even ones you’re supposed to hate at first. The show also does a great job of exploring mental health and mental health struggles, especially those of men. It’s for this reason, some of the cast recently went to the white house to talk about mental health.

Overall, “Ted Lasso” is a fantastic show that always makes me want to watch more, which is why I’m sad that season 3 appears to be the final season, but I’m glad to get to experience it because it is incredible. “Ted Lasso” definitely gets a 10/10 from me. If you are a fan of comedy and feel-good shows, I highly recommend that you watch Ted Lasso. It is currently available to watch on AppleTV+.