Senior Reflection: Graduating Doesn’t Feel Real


Photo courtesy of John Watson.

It feels strange to be a Senior now; in some ways, it just doesn’t feel real. I remember my first day when I arrived for orientation, I couldn’t sleep at all the night before, so I was drifting in and out of sleep on the drive up; then as we crossed Linden Street, an oncoming car crashed into us. Everyone was fine, luckily, but it definitely sent me into college with a bit of a sour mood.

I was going to college because it was something that was the next step. For the career that I wanted, I needed a degree, so I went through the motions. I was never the best student in high school, but my grades definitely improved greatly in my time at Moravian. I’m not sure if it was the different environment or how classes worked at Moravian, but I was doing better. Of course, then nobody expected to have to be going to college during a pandemic. It certainly had a negative impact on my time at Moravian as a lot of aspects were impacted, but to say I didn’t have a good time would be wrong.

I don’t think I would have had the success I would have if I were at another university. As of writing this in my last semester, I currently have all straight As, which makes me proud of my progress from when I nearly didn’t graduate high school. I’m glad to also have gone to a school that I’m proud of saying I went to, especially since it is my mother’s alma mater. I’m happy that I went here, and I don’t think any other college could have given me the experience that Moravian did.

The biggest change that I experienced, though, was shifts in my motivation. I was never a motivated student in high school and always had trouble handing assignments in on time. Now in the past two and a half years of semesters, I’ve only ever handed one assignment in late. I use to panic when I got a bad grade but have also improved as a student to where I don’t panic and calmly do all of my work, and I’m happy with the changes and growth that I’ve experienced here.