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Praise of the Week: RISE Courses Creating Strong Leaders

RISE is easily one of the best programs on campus that I have partaken in thus far. The program is a series of three classes that teach students strategies to improve their leadership and teamwork skills. 

It is a newer program that many students may not have heard of. Still the RISE program is easily one of the most beneficial classes students can take. It is part of the ELEVATE experience, so unfortunately anyone who does not apply for ELEVATE cannot take the classes.

In high school, I had a few leadership positions, but once I entered college I did not know how to build upon my past experiences. And to be honest, I didn’t even realize the program had benefited me until the end of the first class. 

When I entered college, I assumed that leadership positions would be given similarly to how they were in high school. That being waiting until you were an upperclassman. However, by the end of my freshman year, and the end of my first semester in the TWL class, I had gained leadership positions in multiple clubs across campus. 

The class is focused on group discussions, which at first I hated. I had no friends in my class and felt extremely uncomfortable due to my shyness. Yet, it was definitely one of the best experiences I could have put myself through. Even though I am still uncomfortable with groups, I built strategies that fostered strong discussions. I have even used these strategies in group projects outside of this class. 

Dr. Brill made the inaugural class extremely engaging and had dedicated so much time to creating the class and improving based on feedback he has received. Anyone who gets to participate in the class with him as the professor is truly lucky to have him leading the way. He truly cares about the success of all of his students and will help you in and outside of class. 

One of the most enjoyable activities in the first course was a scavenger hunt. Students were paired into groups and had to find landmarks and take photos/videos with them around PPHAC and Collier Hall. The groups also had to solve a riddle with hints from around the buildings to open a lockbox and solve brainteasers. 

Each course is a .25 unit and can be registered alongside your other four units. The class only meets once a week and the workload isn’t heavy, but the benefits are massive! 

I will definitely be continuing with the next courses in the program and I highly encourage all incoming freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to participate, too! 

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  • B

    Bob BrillSep 5, 2023 at 4:51 pm

    As RISE Director, I am very moved and touched by this review. My thanks to the author, Lola Offenback, for sharing her experience and promoting the program. It is my hope and commitment that many of her classmates will follow in her footsteps and be a part of the RISE program – honing their ever-critical teamwork and leadership skills

    • L

      Lola OffenbackSep 6, 2023 at 2:03 pm

      Thank you for building this amazing program!!