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Commuter Corner: Advice for New Commuters

Lola Offenback
Comenius Hall.

Welcome back, Hounds! And a warm welcome to the incoming class of 2027! 

All incoming freshmen have just begun a new and exciting chapter here at Moravian. For those who have decided to commute rather than dorm you are facing challenges very different from resident students. 

To help kick off the semester right, I am going to give you some of my tips and tricks for navigating life as a commuter. 

One of the challenges you may face is time management. Not only are there new and higher expectations in your classes, but you may also (and should!) join clubs, partake in sports, and get an on or off-campus job. On top of that, you have to manage the commute to and from campus every day. 

Using a calendar is one of the most important steps to managing your time. Whether it is digital or physical. Personally, I use both formats. 

Once a week, I review my Canvas page and syllabi, noting when assignments are due and reviewing my schedule for the upcoming dates. I try to sit down either the night before or first thing in the morning to plan and review my day as well. This keeps assignments and other obligations fresh in my mind. 

You can read more about time management advice in this article. 

You may also find that you are struggling to connect with students on campus. You may feel like you have to play catch-up because others are on campus more than you. 

Getting involved in clubs can help build and strengthen your social life. As a commuter, I recommend joining the Commuter Student Association. Also, join clubs that fit your interests. You can find more advice on building your social life here

During the first few weeks on campus, I recommend exploring the buildings on both North and South campus. This will help you feel more confident on campus as well as allow you to find spaces where you can relax, eat, study, etc., between all your campus activities. 

Despite some struggles, there are plenty of advantages to commuting! 

Commuting allows you to stay close to your family and friends. It allows you to gain support from family while you navigate this new chapter of your life and allows you to maintain pre-existing routines. 

Commuting can also cut costs for college, which we all know is expensive. With proper budgeting, you can leave college with a good amount of savings that many others do not have. 

Personally, I think commuting emulates post-grad life more than being a resident does. This provides life skills that will help you build a work-life balance once you begin your career. 

As you are navigating college life, remember to stay connected to the campus community, especially your fellow commuters. Utilize the campus resources available to you and take advantage of the benefits commuting offers. Using these tips, I know that you will conquer your first semester of college and set a strong foundation for the future.          

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, email me at [email protected] or fill out this survey. 

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