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Praise of the Week: Dining Workers


Moravian’s Dining department sees no end to student complaints and criticisms. However, it wouldn’t be fair to group all of the dining together when referring to the entire department. No, the truth is that many of the Dining staff, and by extension the department, are wonderful individuals with only the best intentions for us students.

To be blunt, they are working with the best they’ve got so we could rant all day about how we don’t like the food at the Star, but they are working their hardest to improve our dining experiences while working within the confines of their budget.

Whether they be in the B&G, DeLight’s, The Star, or the food truck, the workers at all these locations are incredibly hard-working and kind to students and customers. The amazing workers at all these locations never cease to make my day just a little bit better because of how kind they are. To be frank, I don’t know how they are always so nice when they are faced with a constant barrage of student complaints. It just shows the remarkable resolve and dedication of these workers that they continue on with a smile in spite of these complaints.

Their kindness goes far beyond simple conversations and a polite attitude. 

When I order food from the touchpads in all the dining locations, I can wait comfortably knowing that I will receive the best quality food possible. The workers make sure to get your order exactly right, and are always willing to take special requests. Their friendliness eases any tension and feels inviting enough for you to approach with any requests. 

I’ve noticed this at DeLight’s, where every single worker is happy to accommodate me. Because I’m a picky eater, I tend to ask for adjustments to my sandwiches, and every time the workers adhere to my requests with a smile on their faces. 

What’s even better is that many of the B&G workers will double-check with you to make sure that they’re preparing your order correctly. Whenever a worker calls my name to ask for clarification, I feel so thankful. It shows me that they want to give me what I want, rather than guess and potentially get it wrong. I get exactly what I want, and I feel like not just another customer. 

This happens mainly in the B&G, but it has happened in DeLight’s as well. I don’t know who hires the dining workers, but they have a good eye for finding some of the most compassionate people out there!

In particular, the marketing manager of Dining, Christine Bell, is just the sweetest person ever. The Comenian has had to come to her with questions and inquiries many times and every time she is always incredibly kind and nice even in the face of criticisms that came from yours truly. She has been incredibly accepting of and helpful to The Comenian and we couldn’t thank her enough for all her help (also, an extra thank you for allowing us to announce the food truck’s first appearance this semester).

Dining has also introduced a variety of new fresh-food vending machines this year, my personal favorite being in the HILL. I devour at least four peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every week, and it makes my day when I see that the machine is stocked.

I’ve probably confessed my love for these sandwiches before, but I just can’t get enough of them. I think every single one of those sandwiches is made with love.

In addition, Dining has informed the Comenian that they are currently working on adding one of the new ramen machines in the HILL, as well, located close to the other vending options in the 4th floor lobby. 

I love hanging out in the B&G when I’m waiting for my food. The people who work there are just the sweetest people ever, and they always ask me how my day is going. I’ve never even gone to Garbanzo, and the workers still go out of their way to say hello to me. If I look like I can’t find something, someone always walks over and asks if I need help.

My biggest praise to Dining, however, is that they listen to their students. I asked that they restocked the Sour Punch Straws when they got the chance, and they did. I am always greeted with a smile when I enter the B&G, and I cannot thank them enough. 

Editor’s note: Please restock the Reese’s ice cream please and thank you 🙂

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  • O

    Owen Levan-UhlerOct 1, 2023 at 10:01 pm

    i agree!! this campus’s food is arguably abysmal many days, but the workers try their hardest to make the best with what they have, and they are always so nice and welcoming, even when i can tell they are tired or stressed. in a way, it’s a sort of consolation to know that even though they are tired like me, they are still trying to make a difference

  • M

    Mista WhiteOct 1, 2023 at 7:49 pm

    When i went to the b and g it was majestical