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Praise of the Week: South Mailroom Lockers

Photo courtesy of Liz Kameen.

Attention, all South students: receiving packages has never been easier! If you walked by the mailboxes or gender-neutral restrooms recently, you might have noticed a new white structure filled with lockers. In late October, the Mailroom introduced a new package locker on South campus that allows residents to pick up their parcels on the first floor of the HILL. 

Last year, South residents may remember having difficulties picking up their packages, as the Mailroom did not have the workers to staff the South Mailroom, often leading to irregular hours. In attempts to combat this issue, the new package pickup station is accessible to students no matter the hour. 

I personally could not be more happy about this. I hated lugging my packages around North campus all day, especially the heavy ones, so this addition completely alleviated that issue.

I recently have had a crazy-packed schedule, especially during traditional business hours, so now, it doesn’t matter if I can make it to the Mailroom before 4:25 p.m., something I narrowly missed multiple times before. And, if my package was  delivered on a Friday, I usually wouldn’t be able to see it until Monday; now, I can access my package on a Saturday night with no worries. 

The only complaint I have about the new arrangement is that I no longer see Kelly from the Mailroom nearly as much as I used to. She is such a ray of sunshine at Moravian, and talking to her brings a smile to everyone’s faces. 

In addition to this new (amazing) feature, the staff at the Mailroom is always kind and attentive. I can’t imagine how many packages they receive every day, so I’m amazed that I’ve had no hiccups with my packages so far. 

I had an issue last year with my locker where it wouldn’t open, and after overhearing my tinkering, Kelly had come out on her own accord to offer me help; I didn’t even have to ask. This woman is so amazing at her job that she can hear when someone is having trouble with their locks; it’s like a superpower. 

Anyway, Kelly assured me that I received a new locker with a working lock and even advised me against changing my locker location to South due to the irregular hours. Looking back, I’m so thankful she told me that then, as I later learned that many of my friends would have to wait days to pick up their packages from the South Mailroom. 

Thankfully, current and future South residents will no longer have to worry about this problem.

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    SimonNov 20, 2023 at 12:20 pm

    We have something like this at our school and it’s so fun. I love that I don’t know which spot it’s gonna come out. Great article Liz!