Rant of the Week: Everyone Gets A Medal


Photo by Kaytlyn Gordon

Once upon a time, long long ago, there were no participation medals. No honorable mentions. No made up ties. No winning because you just had fun. There were winners and losers. There was always a first place. And no sense of entitlement.

Hard to believe, isn’t it?

It might sound crazy, but this was also a time when students blamed themselves for bad grades, not their professors. The professor’s word was final and a bad grade simply meant to try harder.

Now, a bad grade seems to be an invitation to barge into professor’s office and demand a retake, because you “deserve” it. This is becoming an epidemic on college campuses, even at Moravian’s, where students no longer take ownership of their work but instead expect professors to lower their expectations.

Just doing the work and studying hard is the obvious solution to becoming better, of course. But increasingly we’re not interested in anything other than projecting the blame for our failures onto someone else. As a consequence, we’re becoming a society of takers. Regardless of how much we give, or how much we are given, we fully expect to take the mile — and more.

We are losing a sense of pride, integrity, and responsibility, and instead gaining a sense of entitlement and privilege, all because of those stupid participation medals.