Rant of the Week: Wifi Woes

Rant of the Week: Wifi Woes

What’s something that’s used every day but nobody pays attention to until it doesn’t work?


Wifi is an essential part of any college community. It is the center of classes and homework, and is the core of all Netflix sessions. So, there is really nothing more inconvenient than when it stops connecting.

When the signal cuts out and you can see the bars searching to grab even the weakest connection, you know it’s not good.

During the third week of school, the Moravian College community experienced the horror of the wifi cutting out. Due to an issue with power lines in the city of Bethlehem, Moravian’s wireless network would not connect for three days straight, from Friday night to midday on Monday night.

If you had time sensitive homework to complete, forget about it: it wasn’t getting done and submitted on time. Students, myself included, panicked, confused about what was happening and at a loss as to what to do.

At first, I thought my wifi wasn’t connecting because I live in the basement of my Hillside house. I immediately just assumed I had a bad connection. However, once I noticed that my wifi wouldn’t connect even after I restarted my computer, I knew the problem wasn’t my location on campus.

Angrily, I began texting my friends to see if their wifi was down as well. I went to the library and heard students shouting about how their wifi wasn’t connecting.

Why weren’t the IT workers coming in and solving this problem?

When I asked myself this question, I took a mental step back and realized how privileged I am as a college student, and that the only thing I had to complain about is the poor wifi connection.