Rant of the Week: Distaste at DeLight’s


John Desmond

The Dining Services at Moravian College offers a wide variety of places to satisfy students’ hunger. These places include the Marketplace, the B&G, Clewell, and the new cafe, DeLight’s, which offers rotating mac ‘n’ cheese from Zime, along with other delectables.

One of Zime’s options are samosas, which are puff pastries stuffed with various cheeses and vegetables. Samosas are a traditional Indian food, with a warm, baked outside crust.  

There is only one problem: Dining has yet to make samosas available for purchase. It has listed them on the menu since the beginning of the semester, but for the first 8 weeks of the school year they were unavailable.

I understand there may be a delay in acquiring certain ingredients due to the change in season, whether it be avocados or oranges, but samosas require so few exotic components to create a flavor profile that leaves your tastebuds tingling and your belly full. In addition to not having the samosas in stock at Zime, Dining Services continues to list the item on the menu to purchase.

Why on earth would a menu item be listed if it is repeatedly not sold?

The pain of not being able to order samosas is enough to have one mourn the absence of their light fluffy goodness over an episode of Riverdale. But why add to the pain by listing the item, just to hear the workers respond to your order with, “No. Sorry we don’t have any”?

Communication is key, and all I ever wanted was a samosa for a nice mid-day snack. (And, of course, for Dining to deliver an expected time frame for when it expected the samosas to arrive.) The word around campus this past week is that the samosas are coming.

I repeat the samosas are coming! I’d better hurry on over to Zime to purchase quite a few orders, because if I don’t, I might be wishing that all I want for Christmas are samosas.