How To Stay Awake in a Boring Class


We’ve all been there. Head slumping as we count the minute hand on the clock slowly ticking our life away. At least you aren’t that student whose drool is creeping down their arm and pooling by their elbow on the desk.

Only. . . 45 more minutes to go. How on earth are you going to survive this boring class for an entire semester?!

There are many tricks that have been repeated throughout the years to help students stay awake in such a situation.

There are classic strategies, like chewing gum, jabbing a sharpened pencil into your leg, or snapping a hair-tie on your wrist. However, even these tried-and-true prove ineffective at times.

When that happens, you need some new tricks up your sleeve so you can pass that Gen. Ed. Intro class.

May I suggest a few:

1. Doodle cartoon figures of your professor

Drawing caricatures of your professors never hurt anyone. It isn’t to make fun of them– it’s for your own entertainment and to allow yourself the kind of creative outlet that will keep your brain awake. If you are going to go with this option though, be sure to pay attention to the lesson (and make sure your professor doesn’t see your doodle!).

2. Treat your notes like bullet journaling

Along the same vein as doodling, you could also treat your notes as if you were creating a bullet journal. Use colorful pens, pencils, or markers instead of a boring gray pencil. Add cool designs or patterns to bring life to the page — and to the class.

3. Write a poem (or rap) about the class and share it with classmates

I’m 100% serious about this. Writing a rap or a poem about a boring class can be really cathartic, especially if it includes inside jokes or quirks that occur within the class that only your other classmates will get. Share it with the class. It’ll give all of you something to bond over.

4. Create a game about the class

Each professor has a distinct character and personality traits that make them notable. Take those and turn them into a game! Similar to BINGO, you could share it with classmates and during class check-mark a box each time the professor says one of their catchphrases or does something quirky.

5. Write down notable quotes the professor says

Lots of professors say some pretty questionable things sometimes. If it’s funny enough for the entire class to be laughing or cringing unanimously, then it’s probably worth writing down and reminiscing about long after the class is over.

6. Repeat “It’s a Small World” in your head over and over again until you’re forced to focus on the lecture

This one does actually work. If there’s anything that’s worse than a boring class, it’s the song “It’s a Small World.” If you repeat it in your head over and over, soon enough you’ll want to focus on anything other than that song, even that boring lecture.