The Root Cellar Gets a Revival

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The Root Cellar Gets a Revival

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The Root Cellar,  once a convenient dining option on Moravian College’s south campus, has been vacant since the 2016-2017 academic school year.  

It is finally getting a reboot, according to an announcement at the Oct. 23 United Student Government meeting.

The infrastructure proposal, which came from USG vice president Thomas Brim ‘19, seeks to update the Root Cellar and transform it into another student hang-out location, equipped with a new sound system and updated technology, couches, and a stage for students or hired entertainment to perform.

In the the proposal’s abstract, Brim wrote, “This underutilized vacancy can be cultivated into a vibrate event space, study location, and performance venue for the Moravian community.”

Brim along with USG member, Jackleen Hana ‘21, presented a proposal with three possible options for the space that varied in cost, depending on the quantity of the equipment.

In Hana’s mock-up, the space was displayed with stools and tables surrounding the stage that would be built by the College’s maintenance staff, as well as couches that would provide students with a lounge area, complete with a new television and the existing pool table.

The kitchen area, which had previously been used to prepare food as another dining option, is not part of this renovation project but is a potential project for another semester.

Craig Underwood, director of Moravian’s Media Services, said they had already planned to update the Root Cellar when they replaced its old technology but did not want to spend money to do so if the space was not going to be utilized by students. Media Services now plans to collaborate with USG on the project because of heightened student interest.

During the meeting, members of USG voiced their concerns about spending money on the project as well as the potential risks involved. Many members commented on the potential “damage to the area” that could be brought on by students who use the space, in addition to “under-utilization” and “backlash from south campus students” because of potential noise.

“We’re trying to be as frugal as possible,” said Brim about the three options he proposed.

Because USG’s infrastructure budget for the semester is $34,000 and there are other campus projects that also need funds, members decided they would vote on whether or not to approve the cheapest option proposed, Option One, which totaled $21,465.

After much discussion and deliberation, the proposal passed with a 16 to one vote in favor of renovating the Root Cellar and providing the campus community with another location for studying and socializing.

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