Rant of the Week: The Flooding of Lot X  


Janelle Demko

Lot X a day after the flood

Friday night, Nov. 2, I was lying in my bed listening to the pounding rain when I got an email at 11:18 telling all students parked in Lot X to move their cars IMMEDIATELY.

So, two of my housemates and I dropped what we were doing, threw on rain boots and coats, and joined the herd of students rushing down the hill to the parking lot to move their cars to a safer spot.

Much to the dismay of a number of students parked right in the middle of the lot, the water had already covered their exhaust pipes, rendering their cars unmovable.

Thankfully, I was able to get my car out and onto higher ground, but two of my housemates, one of whom was not on campus at the time, were not.

Because of further rainy days and the cleaning of Lot X, my car and many others have been sitting in the Bon Ton parking lot two miles away for the past three days.

Now my car is not easily accessible to me, and its safety is not guaranteed because there is no Campus Safety Officer or cameras monitoring the Bon Ton parking lot.

With more heavy rain expected this Friday, I’m afraid to return my car to Lot X, where it should be, for fear that it’ll flood again and I won’t be as lucky as I was the first time.

This issue needs to be fixed immediately because heavy rain storms are only going to happen more often because of climate change.

I appreciate Campus Safety sending out the email, but I feel it should have been sent out earlier.

Additionally, whose idea was it, anyway, to put a parking lot at the bottom an enormous hill near a creek susceptible to flooding? The drainage systems on campus all drain into the Monocacy Creek, so they’re not even helpful in situations like this.