Moravian Dining Services Adds Mindful Eating to the Menu

Moravian College’s Dining Service has one of the hardest jobs on campus as it tries to accommodate every student’s wants and needs. However, the College has gotten closer to appeasing students who desire healthy options by teaming with Sodexo to implement the Mindful program.

The program is intended to make healthy eating on campus easier by ensuring that students are able to recognize foods that are lower in calories, fat, and sodium.

Mindful options meet certain criteria. For example, a mindful entree must contain less than or equal to 550 calories, 15 grams of fat and 700 mg of sodium. Foods that meet the criteria have a green apple next to their description on the menu board.  

The College has also started an initiative to label everything with its ingredients and calories. In addition, the dining staff has replaced soy-based oils when frying foods to the healthier options of olive oil or canola oil.

Students can also practice healthier diets by maintaining a balanced diet with foods from all food groups, not skipping meals, being physically active, getting adequate sleep and working toward a healthier mindset. In addition, limiting processed, low-nutrient foods such as desserts, refined grains, and sweetened cereals can help improve students’ health.

Some healthy food options are offered at both The Star and Clewell. For instance, grilled chicken is now offered every day because of popular demand, and the sustainable table always serves locally-sourced foods, a whole protein, and a starch.

Garbanzo in the Blue & Grey Cafe is a great option for someone who is gluten-intolerant. The only foods that contain gluten at this station are the gyros and pitas. When making a gyro, think twice about what you want to add. Try to add vegetables instead of something like sour cream to lower calories.     

DeLight’s Cafe also offers healthier option like sandwiches and salads. which are all-natural and made with fresh fruits and vegetables and no protein powders.

If you would like to know more about the nutritional information of a particular item, ask the chefs. They are happy to explain.  

While Moravian offers healthy eating options, students also have the opportunity to choose from various meal plans, use the gym, and avail themselves of counseling and health services. Students may  also work with the Health Center to create individualize safe exercise programs. Counseling services are available to help students work through personal issues related to health habits and behaviors.  

If you would like to learn more feel free to contact Moravian Dining at [email protected]