Coming Soon: The New and Improved Moravian App


To cut down on the amount of email that clogged student inboxes, the College introduced the “Moravian App” in 2018. The idea was to post information about campus events and to host discussions in one online location, which the Moravian community could access when it wanted. The format of the app was ideal, the administration believed, because students are accustomed to there being an app for everything.

To create the app, Moravian worked with Involvio, a New York City startup. On its website, the company describes itself as “students in Philadelphia” who founded their company based on the belief “that keeping track of events happening on campus [is] just too hard.” Involvio was their attempt to solve that by replacing the old-fashioned corkboard for student messaging and campus involvement with an interactive, accessible app.

However well-intentioned, the app didn’t catch on with Moravian’s students. Many students found the app cumbersome. Others didn’t even bother to download it, and transfer students had no idea the app existed at all. After several months it become apparent that the app needed a makeover, so the administration went back to the drawing board.

“A new app is on the way,” said Mr. David Brandes, Moravian’s Chief Information Officer. This time, “it will be driven entirely by the students.” The College has not yet selected a vendor to create it.  

It has decided, however, that the new app will block out information that students don’t care about and offer new features, such as better messaging. Additional features are forthcoming and will be designed with student input.  

The new and improved app has no set release date.