Editor’s Letter: Welcome Back, Greyhounds!


Editor-In-Chief Elizabeth Horn visiting Moravian College for the first time in 2016.

Welcome back students and staff to a fresh year at Moravian College!

As the summer sun begins to die down and the fall colors start to appear around us, we know it’s back to school time. First-year students are making their way to campus for the first time to join our community, and returning students are anxiously awaiting the beginning of a new semester. We are all together looking to start over once more. 

With a fresh year brings a fresh look on our friendly college newspaper, the Comenian. We are a tradition here at Moravian College, with issues dating back to the 1800s. We have always been dedicated to being the voice of the student population here at campus, whether it be to tackle the troubles students face or to rejoice in our achievements. We look forward to continuing this tradition this upcoming year.

I would like to introduce myself to the student body. My name is Elizabeth Horn and I am a junior English and History double major. This is my third year in the Comenian, and I have taken over the role of Editor-In-Chief after the graduation of our beloved previous Editor-In-Chief, Kaytlyn Gordon. Kaytlyn put in endless amounts of effort to make this paper interesting, valuable, and timely. I hope to continue this tradition as I step into her shoes. I look forward to serving you, the student body, in this upcoming year!

That being said, I would be thrilled to have you join us here on the Comenain in any number of capacities, from reporter to videographer. No experience necessary.

Not only does your involvement look great on a resume, but you will be joining a close knit community where you can find a home and a purpose. We here at the Comenian write about all aspects of the Moravian community and strive to bring student issues to light for the betterment of our school. If this is something that you believe in or care deeply about, come join our staff and make a difference on your own campus. 

We’d love to have you.

Our meetings take place weekly, and you can publish your very own articles in our biweekly refreshes. Talk about matters that are important to you! We are looking for writers, photographers, videographers, social media buffs, editors, and anyone interested in recording our school happenings!

Join us at our first meeting on Wednesday, September 4th at 4:30 PM on the second floor of Zinzendorf Hall, or visit us at the Club Fair on September 5th

Until then, you can reach us by email at [email protected]