Your Guide to the New Parking Plan


A section of the Moravian Campus map featuring the new commuter parking lot, Lot X.

Over the summer, many changes took place over Moravian College, and one that affects students the greatest is the new parking changes.

These changes took place across a wide variety of areas, so we will cover them in detail to ensure no student is confused.

First, the parking lots on campus for students. Namely, the resident parking lots and the commuter parking lots have switched. Previously, commuters, faculty, and staff had access to park in Lots B, C, D, G, S, and T. Resident students were permitted to buy passes for Lots X, I, and premium parking spots on Laurel Street. However, after parking troubles such as the notorious flooding of Lot X and a shortage of parking spaces for commuter students during the day, the Moravian College Police Department (MCPD) made the change to swap these parking plans. Now, resident parking is designated to B, C, D, G, and T, as well as premium parking spots in Lot I and on Laurel Street. Commuters will now be parking in Lot X. However if commuters are looking to stay later on campus, they are permitted to park in Faculty and Staff lots (A, F, H, J, M, N, O, R and S) between 4:00 PM and 12:00 AM. 

The MCPD provided detailed reasons for the change. The MCPD issued a statement saying, “The number one complaint from commuters was the frustration in finding a parking spot in a lot and/or on the street and never being able to plan (some days it could take 30 seconds to find a spot and other days 15 minutes or more). By providing a commuter-only lot, it will give our commuters a designated place to park and they can easily plan their walk to class or know when to catch the shuttle. It takes the guesswork out of commuter parking! [Furthermore,] Lot X has flooded several times in the middle of the night. That’s no secret. Residential students have had their cars damaged because of sleeping through the e2campus or being off-campus when the flash flood occurred. By converting this to a commuter lot we won’t have cars parked in Lot X in the middle of the night and we feel confident we can contact commuters via e2campus during the day so that they can move their cars before damage occurs.

Secondly, the rule about students not being able to park within half a mile of campus has now extended to commuter students as well as resident students. Previously, commuters were except from the rule that residents had to abide by not parking within half a mile of campus on city streets. This rule was in place to ensure that students were not taking up street parking spots for residents. However, commuter students were exempt from this rule because of the occasional trouble finding parking spots. Now with the transition to Lot X being a commuter lot with enough spaces, commuter students must now abide by the rule of not parking within half a mile of campus. Only faculty and staff are now exempt from this rule. 

Thirdly, the shuttle will be making stops at Lot X to allow a relief for students needing to walk up the hill to class. While the college is still looking to perfect this new shuttle route, they will be testing out multiple plans to add Lot X as a new shuttle stop throughout the summer and the beginning of the school year. More information is sure to come out as they figure out the best method for this addition. 

Fourthly, the parking ticket prices have dropped. Previously, students complained of exceptionally high parking ticket prices, such as a $300 ticket for unregistered freshman parking. Previously, the lowest parking ticket given by the Moravian College Police Department was a whopping $75 and only increased from there. Thankfully, the MCPD has decided to lower those prices, making the highest fine now $75 instead of the starting fine. Fines still exist, but they are now much lower for students. 

Finally, the price of parking passes have increased. For example, the price of a guaranteed resident parking spot on North Campus has increased from $175 to $250. Premium parking spots have increased from $300 to $400. The MCPD wrote in their FAQ, “Residential Parking is a privilege, so students who choose to bring a car to campus are charged a higher rate. Resident students may also choose to buy a parking permit from a city garage if they choose. Bottom line – residents have options.”

Moravian College Police Department has distributed through email a convenient FAQ about the parking changes this semester along with the new parking guidelines

Any questions about the new parking changes should be directed to the Moravian College Police Department

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