Loving the Film “Hair Love”

The cover of the short film "Hair Love"; Photo Courtesy of: wikipedia.com
The cover of the short film “Hair Love”; Photo Courtesy of: wikipedia.com

Hair Love” is the touching, Oscar-winning animated film by Matthew A. Cherry about an African American father struggling to do his young daughter’s natural hair for the first time. 

The daughter’s mom, who is sick, had always done her hair, and so the young girl tries to take on the task herself. She begins to watch her mother’s old YouTube hair tutorials, but to no avail. Her father then stumbles in and witnesses the challenge at hand. 

At first, he grabs a hat to put on her head, but it is clear to him that this does not please his daughter. Seeing how distraught she is, he decides to give it a go.

The dad brings up his wife’s video; grabs a comb, some leave-in conditioner, a couple other tools; and dives in. He follows each step of the tutorial: moisturizing the hair strands, parting and sectioning the hair, and before you know it, he accomplishes the look his daughter was yearning for. 

The hug his daughter gives him and the look on her face when she looks at herself in the mirror is priceless. She is absolutely elated by her new hairstyle — and so is he. Following the completion of her new hairstyle, they both finish getting dressed and make their way to visit her mother.

Her mom, who is in the hospital, seems to be suffering from cancer, which causes her to lose her hair. The mother notices just how beautiful her daughter’s hair looks, and the family comes together in a warm hug. 

This film is a clear depiction of how hair really is love. 

“Hair Love” shows how hair is not just ordinary strands that come from the top of one’s head, but it defines who we are. 

For men, a simple haircut at the barbershop can boost their morale for the rest of the week. For women, a perfectly-defined twist out will have them feeling bright and luminous. 

Ultimately, hair is something that brings people together. The barbershop and the hair salon are not only places where hair is done but also safe places for everyone to go. The barbershop and the hair salon can be counseling centers, social hubs, and outreach centers, all in one. 

Seeing the father have that kind of connection with his daughter does nothing but put a smile on my face. Their connection is the kind of connection I hope to have someday with my future daughter. Hair to a woman, especially to a black woman, is her crown, and for me to be able to enhance my daughter’s crown would mean a lot to me. 

This is the major reason I decided to become president of FroNation at Moravian College. Not only did I want to become more involved on campus and step outside of my comfort zone, but, like the dad in “Hair Love,” I wanted to be able to make a positive impact on the lives of others. 

If you have not already, please watch Hair Love.” I promise you will not be disappointed, and you will end the film with a smile on your face.