Moravian College Alum Releases New Collaboration Single


Aguayo & Carson performing.

One of Moravian College’s own music alumni, Chris Aguayo ‘15, released a collaboration single with Inner Sounds and Uruguayan singer-songwriter Agustina Giovio entitled “The One” on Tuesday, April 21. 

Aguayo graduated from Moravian College in 2015 with a Bachelors of Music Degree in Composition and Performance. Since graduating, he has maintained an active career as a guitarist, composer, songwriter, singer, and producer. 

His music has been featured in films such as “A Score to Settle,” which stars Nicholas Cage and Ben Bratt, as well as “Night Sweats,” which stars John Wesley Shipp. He has completed three tours since 2019 and has also appeared on WFMZ-TV. 

He has also  performed at well-known music venues such as Webster Hall, Starland Ballroom, Rockwood Music Hall, The Stone Pony, The Gin Mill, Chameleon Club, and various other clubs and bars. 

This year, he has also toured Uruguay with Giovio and most recently released a solo guitar composition entitled “Disastrous” during the COVID-19 pandemic, which showcases his abilities as a guitarist. 

The band Inner Sounds is a rock-psychedelic-industrial band from Central New Jersey and currently includes Chris Aguayo and Zac Carson. They released their debut album on January 1, 2019. The album is a modern psych-rock-electro concept album which illustrates the connection between self-acceptance, darkness, and love.

The album consists of the tracks “Good Enough” and “There’s No Shame.” The album was mostly composed by Aguayo, but there are several tracks which he collaborated with other songwriters on.  

Inner Sounds released a follow-up single to their album in May 2019, which is entitled “Fuel for Your Desires.” 

The newest single, “The One,” was written and recorded prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The idea for the song was originally created by Carson, who brought the idea to the Inner Sounds music studio in Jersey City last November. Carson and Aguayo then developed the foundation for the instrumental portion of the song and later brought in Giovio to help finish it. The single was produced and mixed by Aguayo, as well as co-produced by Giovio and Carson and mastered by Grammy-Award winning audio engineer Mark Christensen. 

Aguayo and Giovio took the lead in developing the lyrics for the single. However, Aguayo, Carson, and Giovio all had a part in working on the music and lyrics in order to complete the single. 

Giovio is known for her pop-vocal abilities and songwriting. She has appeared in numerous TV shows and commercials on stations such as MTV, 7/11, Telemundo, WFMZ, among others. 

“Find My Ooh La La,” which was written by both Giovio and Aguayo was released in October 2019 and was popular on the music streaming platform Spotify. Another song entitled “Lucid Girl,” written by Giovio and Agauyo, along with Alexander Hayden, Jesse Blumenfeld, and Sawyer Hahn Adler, was released on April 3, 2020 along with an accompanying music video. 

Carson has released his own jazz album entitled “Between Two Worlds,” which was released in 2018. He is an active bass player and composer in the New York City area and has traveled the United States performing his original music. 

“The One” is sung as a complementary duet between Aguayo and Giovio. The song also features Aguayo rapping before the first chorus, which added a nice texture and contrast to the soulful song. 

The blending of different musical styles and textures really highlighted the emotional meaning behind the lyrics, which created an exciting track. The instrumental accompaniment adds a nice support to Giovio’s lead singing and really creates a relaxing and mellow vibe to the song. Giovio’s vocals are strong and capture both the fun beat and the emotional meaning of the song.

I really enjoyed “The One” and am looking forward to the other singles that Inner Sounds and Agustina Giovio release in the future, as there is a follow-up track in the planning stages. Being someone who mainly listens to jazz and rock, I enjoyed something fresh and different that still had elements and characteristics of other genres I enjoy.

If you are interested in listening to other songs by these artists or want to learn more information, please visit or follow Inner Sounds @innersoundsband & Agustina Giovio @agustinasounds on Instagram.