Love in the Time of Corona: Tips for Fun and Exciting Dates

Dating in a pandemic can be hard — here’s some dating advice from the Comenian!; Photo Courtesy of:

The whole of 2020 has been a wild ride and almost every aspect of life has been affected, even the world of romance. 

Gone are the days of common indoor dates, such as going to the movies and fancy restaurants. Instead of asking the usual questions about their interests and hobbies, you ask first dates, “So, how’s your quarantine going?” And you no longer worry about your date “ghosting” you, because, hey, they may be sick! So no worries if they cancel!

Being in a relationship for the last two years, I found it hard at first to adapt to not doing the “usual” activities, like eating out at favorite restaurants, attending jam sessions, or going to concerts of our favorite musicians. 

Throughout everything, however, my boyfriend and I discovered other activities we enjoy doing together: hiking, painting, having a decent number of Star Wars marathons, and picking up take-out and eating outside. 

We’d found that while dating with COVID occurring is definitely different, it’s still possible to have fun and exciting dates on campus or off  — and to get to know each other in new ways. Among them:

Have a socially-distanced picnic

Picnics are a great way to still have a typical dinner date but without risking the chance of contracting COVID-19. Especially since the weather is still beautiful and warm out, now is the time to adapt typical restaurant plans before winter comes. Additionally, the supplies to have a successful picnic are minimal. All you need is a blanket and some good food and drinks to have a good time!

Go to a drive-in movie theater

While going into movie theaters might not be wise at the moment, you can still see movies on the big screen in drive-in theaters! While there might not be any new and upcoming releases of featured films, drive-ins in the Lehigh Valley area, like Becky’s (in Walnutport) and Shankweiler’s (Orfield),  have adapted to have showings of classic and beloved movies such as “Jaws,” “Shrek,” and “The Goonies.” 

Attend an on-campus event 

Most of us would not consider asking a potential date to an on-campus event, but with the College encouraging us to stay on campus until Thanksgiving, keeping it super local is an appealing option. MAC and a bunch of other organizations are hosting several socially-distanced events that take  place outside. Some of these events include Wingo, paint nights, trivia, and more! 

If your date is not comfortable with in-person dates, consider these virtual and socially-distanced options:

Play virtual games over FaceTime or Zoom 

Both FaceTime and Zoom have become popular means by which to communicate with friends and family whom you are not actively quarantining with. Besides providing opportunities for just talking with someone, virtual games are great for virtual dates, too. Check out Jackbox, Cards Against Humanity, escape rooms, and more! Google will become your friend if you are interested in this option!

Have a Netflix Party

While the controversial “Netflix and chill” isn’t really an option now, the Google Chrome extension Netflix Party is a great way for you and your date to watch Netflix movies and TV-shows synchronously, from wherever each of you may be. There is also a chat feature that will allow you to chat as normal, which is great if you want to discuss a certain part of the show while watching.