Editor’s  Letter (4/2)


Photo courtesy of Mark Harris

Hello, readers of The Comenian!

This week, I’ve been given the great honor and privilege to write the letter to accompany our amazing refresh. As someone who produces a lot of content for our “Arts & Entertainment” section, this is a bit of a daunting task for me. To be frank, I feel a bit drunk with power knowing that this will be on the front page of the website for 14 whole days.

I mean, I could write whatever I want and tons of people will see it! This is my chance to be controversial and make some people angry. Think, Dominic, think! Hmmm. . . I got it! 


Welp, there goes my credibility as a music reviewer. . . . Before I dig myself into a deeper hole, let’s go over what you’ll find in this refresh. 

Part three of editor-in-chief Samantha Riley’s interview with President Grigsby is going up today and I’m excited for you all to read the conclusion of the series. Sam’s questions have been really great. I often found myself wondering many of the things she brought up in the interview, so it was nice to get some answers from President Grigsby himself. If you haven’t seen the previous two installments, check those out, too! Each part has centered around a specific topic. The first two have been COVID-19 and diversity respectively, while this latest and final part is dedicated to the future of Moravian College.

Speaking of Sam, we also have an interview with her regarding her recent award on behalf of the Pennsylvania News Association. It’s definitely worth checking out after you watch “In My Room in Quarantine,” the amazing short film that won Sam her honorable mention in the video category of the Pennsylvania News Association Journalism Awards. Plus, I wrote the questions that you see in the interview, so it would mean a lot to both of us if you read it.

I also wrote an album review for AJR’s fourth studio album titled “OK ORCHESTRA.” Be sure to check it out to see exactly what kind of music has been on my radar lately and what I think of this major release. Not to spoil it or anything, but it’s my most negative review yet.

Kaitlyn Furst has written a nice overview of Moravian’s transition from a college to a university. For anyone who is unfamiliar with what this transition means or what it entails for college students and future students alike, this is a must-read. Kaitlyn spent lots of time collecting quotes from trusted sources of information about the transition and it’s clear a lot of hard work went into it.

We also have a spicy rant of the week from Julianna Fedorich. These are usually some of my favorite pieces in any given refresh, and this time is no exception. Julianna always has something intelligent to say, so I already know all of you will love it. Sticking with a relatable topic, she discusses the unrealistic expectations that are placed on college students.

Julianna also produced an article about how the faculty of Moravian College has handled the learning space in the time of COVID-19. With quotes from a plethora of faculty members, it will give readers a variety of perspectives on how these professors are navigating this landscape. 

We also have a professor spotlight of the wonderful Dr. Robert LaRue. I love having Dr. LaRue as a professor, so I’m absolutely going to be reading this one. 

Finally, we have a hard-hitting and timely personal essay from our amazing and kind-hearted copy editor Nicholas Wan in which he discusses xenophobia and the increased rate of Asian hate crimes in America. Not only is this a issue that absolutely needs to happen right now, but it’s wonderfully written and doesn’t pull any punches. Nick uses some very personal stories in this piece, and I applaud his bravery for that. After reading over an early draft of it, I knew this would be one of the most important articles we’ve produced this semester. I’m so glad that Nick is taking the time to write about this very serious and urgent issue from the perspective of a minority college student. 

I’m extremely proud of how this refresh turned out and how hard everyone has been working. It’s times like these that I’m so happy to be a part of this team.

Lastly, I want every reader to know that whatever hardships you may be going through right now will pass. Now more than ever, people are feeling the immense weight of the world. There are so many issues and terrible problems to face in this country that it can be extremely overwhelming for one person to take in.

The best advice I can give is to treat others with kindness, stand up for what’s right, take each day as it is knowing that tomorrow is a new one, and do what’s best for yourself. We’re all going to pull through this, whatever “this” may be for each individual. 

Happy reading,

Dominic Trabosci, Reporter.