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Photo features a notebook with doodles of flowers, hearts, and arrows indicating important information.

How To Stay Awake in a Boring Class

Sara Weidner, Community Section Editor
March 18, 2018
Picture features the [title of show] playbill with pictures of the cast with their arms around each other.


Elizabeth Horn, News Section Editor
March 1, 2018
Photo of students waiting in line to view the Artists as Activists Exhibition in the HUB

HUB Houses Activist Artwork

John Desmond, Reporter
March 1, 2018
Suede Dog Man Star

Best Beats: A Comenian Playlist

Matthew Hogan, Corrine Philbin, Brandon Faust, and Nathaniel Rhoads
February 4, 2018
Photo of movie theater.

Ringleader Hugh Jackman Orchestrates “The Greatest Show”

John Desmond, Reporter
February 4, 2018
Photo of

Book Review: “Never Let Me Go,” by Kazuo Ishiguro

Sara Weidner, Community Section Editor
February 4, 2018
Photo Provided By Claire Kowalchik

The Art and Tradition of Creating the Vespers Spirit

Kaitlyn Allison, Guest Reporter
December 7, 2017
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