7 Questions for Congresswoman Susan Wild


Congresswoman Susan Wild talking with our Comenian reporter post-presentation.

Susan Wild, a U.S. Congressperson who represents Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District, came to Moravian College on November 4 to talk about the College Affordability Act. We sat down with Wild after her talk and asked her a number of questions about other issues.

Which of the Democratic candidates do you believe has the best chance of beating Donald Trump?

The answer is, I don’t know. It’s going to be very important for whomever the Democratic nominee is that they are able to appeal to a wide swath of middle America.

Who do you support?

I don’t know who [the Democratic nominee] will be, but I think it will be someone with very realistic and pragmatic ideas for progressing this country and making sure that more people’s concerns are being taken care of. Somebody with realistic ideas.

What advice do you have for women who are looking to achieve positions of leadership?

Ask somebody who’s in a higher position for assistance. Most people who have “made it” want to help others do the same.

What in your background most helped prepare you for the responsibilities you carry out every day as a congressperson?

I would have to say that my lawyering background helped a lot, [as did] my specific type of legal role. I was a litigator, so I went to court, I argued cases. I was always arguing for something or someone.

How do you believe the nation could be brought back together by the next generation?

I’m looking for somebody who will be a healer. 

What political issues do you find yourself dealing with most often in your office?

The cost of prescription drugs. Insulin prices are very high. The other issue we hear about is people thinking their medical insurance is going to be cut.

Do you believe the house will draw up articles of impeachment against the president and vote for impeachment? 

Yes, I believe the articles of impeachment will be drawn up and will be presented to the House floor for a vote.