The Class that Made a Difference: Fiction Writing (Dr. Joyce Hinnefeld)


Photo courtesy of Alicia Pisano

Alicia Pisano, graduated from Moravian College in 2018, majoring in English. Alicia lives in Sewell, New Jersey, and works as a medical editor at Red Nucleus

One of the most important courses I took at Moravian was Fiction Writing, which was taught by Dr. Hinnefeld. 

This course involved reading works of fiction and texts on the craft of fiction writing, and applying what we learned to our own work, which we presented in peer workshops. We also wrote “editor’s letters” to our classmates, in which we offered constructive criticism and suggestions for their stories.

Fiction writing has always been my favorite form of self-expression, and I found value in learning about it as a craft. I feel that my writing and my understanding of writing both improved with this course.

I also got a lot out of giving feedback. I loved marking my classmates’ drafts up with notes and writing thoughtful feedback. It was rewarding to watch each draft become a polished, complete work. 

This class helped me realize how much I enjoy the editing process, which contributed to my current career.