The Class that Made a Difference: Environmental Policy (Drs. Frank Kuserk and John Reynolds)


Shelby Does graduated from Moravian College in 2017, majoring in environmental science. She lives in Pen Argyl, PA, and works as a sanitarian in the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. 

The course that made the most difference for me was Environmental Policy, which was co-taught by Dr. Frank Kuserk and Dr. John Reynolds. I took the course as a requirement for my major, and I was ready for it to be a bleak look at the state of both the environment and American politics. 

While some of that discussion was inevitable, I ended up learning a lot about how our public institutions work, why our environmental regulations look the way they do, and how I, as a student of science, could bring my knowledge to the public sector. I also learned the importance of continuing to push for good environmental policies, especially in our changing world. 

I took the Civil Service Exam shortly after graduation at the recommendation of Dr. Kuserk, and was hired a few months after that by the Commonwealth as a Sanitarian (somebody who inspects drinking water providers) in the Department of Environmental Protection.

It was immeasurably helpful to come into this job having taken a course that showed me the importance of good environmental policy and advocating for science in government so that I can support my community while protecting our vital natural resources.