The Class that Made a Difference Accounting 157 (Dr. Barb Vinciguerra)


John Desmond graduated from Moravian College in 2018, majoring in accounting; he was also a reporter for The Comenian. Desmond lives in Belvidere, NJ, and is a senior accountant at Harry’s, Inc., in New York City. 

Accounting 157, more commonly known as Intro to Accounting, with Dr. Barb Vinciguerra was the class I took at Moravian College that made a difference. As I went through high school, I knew I wanted to study accounting, but taking the introductory accounting course solidified my career path and helped shape my professional career. 

I always enjoyed listening to other business majors tackle the topic of accounting. Most were not pleased about taking Accounting 157, [so] it provided me an opportunity to tutor the non-accounting majors in the class.

The very basics of accounting I have carried with me from my very first job at Baker Tilly, then at DeSales, and now at Harry’s, Inc. 

I have always enjoyed learning and developing my skills from the very building blocks of accounting. A strong foundation leads to success, and I navigated my professional career off the same foundation I started at Moravian.