Sigmund and Beaumont: Andy Armadillo’s Socks

Sigmund and Beaumont: Andy Armadillo’s Socks

On one side of Miss Sally’s house was Mr. Thomas’s farm. On the other side, however, was the house of a rather eccentric friend of Miss Sally’s, Mrs. Kathleen. Mrs. Kathleen was a wealthy widow and even older than Miss Sally, but the two got along swimmingly. Often, Mrs. Kathleen would come around for tea, and with her, she would often bring her beloved pet and companion, Andy. Beaumont, a wee black housecat, and Sigmund, his best friend the house spider, were curious and intrigued when they had first met Andy. Andy wasn’t a lapdog, nor another housecat like Beaumont himself was. Andy was an armadillo! 

Beaumont had never seen an armadillo before. But he jovially greeted the guest when he arrived with Mrs. Kathleen, greeting him with a smile as Sigmund swung down from overhead.

“You’re one unusual fellow,” Beaumont commented, coming closer to sniff him. Andy the armadillo laughed good heartedly.

“Bet I’m the strangest housecat you ever did see,” Andy replied cheerfully. “I’m Andy, and I’m an armadillo.”

“You’re a what? I don’t think we have many of those around here,” Beaumont further inquired.

“I’m an armadillo. My human adopted me all the way from a place called Argentina,” Andy replied. 

“Wowey!” Sigmund exclaimed, landing on Beaumont’s head. “That do be a far ways away, so it is. Miss Sally’s round spinn-y map in the library’s got a place called Argentina on it. Ya be from across that big ole blue sea, methinks.”

“Came here on a boat a year ago when Mrs. Kathleen became widowed. She brought me home after visiting Argentina, and we’ve been best friends ever since,” said Andy gleefully. “I’m something called a ‘rescue.’ I can’t remember my real mama, or my brothers. Mrs. Kathleen is my mama now.”

“That’s wonderful, Andy,” Beaumont said. “I’m Beaumont, by the way. Miss Sally is my human, and this here is my best friend Sigmund. We both came from Mr. Thomas’s barn. He lives just next door.” 

“Glad to meetcha both,” replied Andy. “Say, I really like your bowtie, Beaumont. It’s real swell.”

“Thank you,” Beaumont replied. Today he wore a pale lavender bow tie, tied by hand by Miss Sally’s eldest great niece, Lilian, for Christmas one year. “Lilian made it for me. She’s Miss Sally’s eldest great niece and she’s really quite good at making things.” 

“Man, I sure wish I could have something super swell like that. Mrs. Kathleen’s arthritis makes her hands so stiff, I don’t think she could make me something,” Andy sighed.

“I know! By golly gee I know Andy! Lilian has a whole chest of play clothes and things for her dolls up in the spare bedroom,” Beaumont exclaimed as he spun around in a circle, flicking his tail. “She makes them all herself. I’m sure we can find you something special to wear. Lilian always says that they’re all made with love for whomever wears them.”

“Gee, I like that idea. Lead the way, Beaumont,” Andy said. Beaumont turned and darted up the stairs, Andy and Sigmund following. Beaumont slipped into the spare bedroom, heading to the chest. The girls, Lilian and her two younger sisters, had thankfully left the lid of the chest open. Beaumont dove inside, digging around. Andy laughed at his enthusiasm, turning to Sigmund who sat on a nearby toy rocking chair. 

“Is he always this hyperactive and excitable?” Andy asked.

“This is Beaumont’s calm, would ya know?” Sigmund laughed in reply. Then, the little cat’s head popped up from the chest, a set of hand crocheted socks, in his mouth. He hopped out. 

“Oh Beaumont, those are super duper swell!” Andy chimed. The socks were the same lavender as Beaumont’s bow tie.

“Try ‘em on!” Sigmund said, bringing one over. He and Beaumont helped their new friend put on the socks. “Come sees yerself in the lookin’ glass.”

They led Andy to the mirror against the wall, tilting it down so he could admire the socks. He held each foot out. He turned around in place. And then he grinned.

“Perfect fit,” Andy said. “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I just love them.”

Beaumont nudged his favourite toy ball in Andy’s direction. “Care to play, my friend?”

Andy again smiled, nodding. “Certainly! I like having friends to play with.”

“Me too. I’m glad we met, and I’m sure we’ll have many more occasions to play together,” Beaumont replied. That was one year ago, when Sigmund and Beaumont met Andy Armadillo, and the three have never been closer. Everytime they hear that Mrs. Kathleen is coming around for tea, Sigmund and Beaumont simply cannot wait!