Sigmund and Beaumont: Be My Valentine

Sigmund and Beaumont: Be My Valentine

February had arrived. The air was cold and the snow still covered the ground but there was a warmth and coziness in Miss Sally’s house. The fires in the hearths burnt so delightfully, filling the house with their glow and warmth. Valentine’s day was nearly here. Beaumont, a wee black housecat, always loved Valentine’s day. So did Sigmund, his best friend, a house spider. 

Beaumont sat by the fire, pondering. He wanted to do something extra special for Miss Sally, his human. He loved Miss Sally. Sigmund worked to make special valentines for their friends, which Beaumont would sign with a pawprint. 

“Beaumont, ole pal. I’ves done the last one of them valentine’s cards,” Sigmund said, swinging his way over to where Beaumont was staring into the fire, valentines’ in hand. “You’ve gots ta sign ‘em”

“Sigmund, I want to make something extra special for Miss Sally. I want her to be THE valentine for me,” replied Beaumont, looking up at his friend and the pile of cards. He stood up, put his paw in a pad of ink, then began stamping them with his print – a pretty red. Beaumont sighed. “She’s just so wonderful. But what should we make for her?”

“Hmmmm,” wondered Sigmund. “She likes herself some tasty Gala apples from Mr. Thomas’s farm. He’s gots some in that ole shed o’ his, so he does.” 

Beaumont thought upon it for a moment. He then smiled. “You are wonderful my dear friend. We’ll get her a tasty apple, and I’ll make her an extra special card. With your card making skills, and your cleverness, I’m sure it will be the very best valentine ever!”

Sigmund swung down onto Beaumont’s head, landing. Beaumont ran out the door, heading down the road to Mr. Thomas’s farm. It was cold and nippy from the February wind, but he didn’t mind. The icy air only exuberated him as he ran. There they were, at the farm. Sigmund hopped off of Beaumont, scuttling over to the greenhouse shed where Mr. Thomas grew the winter apples. 

He climbed up, then gestured to Beaumont. There was an open window. He slipped inside, and whatever he did, the door popped open. Beaumont ran inside, grinning at all the bright red, juicy apples. He paced around, examining each one until he found the perfect apple to give her. Beaumont hopped up on a nearby table, and reached out. He stretched, and stretched, and there! He grabbed onto it, but just as he did, it broke from the tree and Beaumont toppled down. He landed on his feet, then started laughing. 

“It’s fighting back, I think,” he joked. Sigmund joined his laughter. “Let’s hurry back. I want to make an extra special valentine card for Miss Sally too.”

The spider climbed back onto Beaumont and the two sped back home, slipping back inside. Beaumont put down the apple, then turned to a clean sheet of paper and his ink pad. He began to use his paw prints to draw a picture. One print. Two. Three. Twenty, and more. One by one a picture began to form. It was a rather blobby human figure next to one that vaguely resembled a cat. Miss Sally with Beaumont, together. He stepped back, smiling once again.

“You’re very good at them artsy things, so ya are,” Sigmund said, dangling from above to observe the artwork on the card. 

A few days later, Valentine’s Day had finally arrived. Beaumont donned a pink bowtie for the occasion. After a morning of passing out his and Sigmund’s other cards to their friends, it was time for their own little celebration at home with Miss Sally. Mr. Thomas was on his way to join them.

 Beaumont went to grab his valentine for Miss Sally, just as Mr. Thomas had arrived. Beaumont turned to give his card and the apple to Miss Sally, but his little heart fell. Miss Sally was given a card from Mr. Thomas. She read it and smiled. Beaumont turned away as she leaned toward him for a kiss. 

But then, he heard Miss Sally call him. Beaumont stopped and turned around. Miss Sally knelt down, followed by Mr. Thomas. They gestured for him to come back. He did, bringing the card and the apple. She held her hand out, a gentle smile and a sparkle in her eyes. He placed the card into her hand. She read it. And she smiled again. She scratched him beneath the chin in thanks, laughing with mirth and amusement. Beaumont sighed, though. He meowed sadly at Mr. Thomas. 

He replied, telling Beaumont reassuringly that Miss Sally could have more than one valentine. There are different kinds of love, and just because he was one valentine to Miss Sally, doesn’t mean Beaumont wasn’t loved. Miss Sally told him that she had familial love for him. And his dear friends loved him too, just like he loved them all back. He brushed up against their legs to show he understood. 

Mr. Thomas sat down on the floor, and onto his lap Beaumont climbed, purring. Their assurance made him happy with his gift to Miss Sally. Mr. Thomas scratched Beaumont behind the ears, then under the chin. Miss Sally took a big bite of her gifted apple, smiling brightly at Beaumont. 

Then Mr. Thomas chuckled. He had wondered how the door to his greenhouse shed had gotten left open. Now he knew why.

“Oops Sigmund, my friend,” Beaumont meowed to Sigmund who sat on the nearby wall. “Mr. Thomas knows we swiped an apple for Miss Sally. We must have left the door open!”