Sigmund and Beaumont: Spring Shores

Sigmund and Beaumont: Spring Shores

Beaumont, a wee bow tie wearing black housecat pranced happily behind Miss Sally, his human companion. Sigmund, a house spider and Beaumont’s best friend, was swinging from the rafters of the train station behind Beaumont, following them with his own tiny suitcase and his silk tophat perched on his head. 

They were going on a trip with Miss Sally to visit the shore, but more importantly, they were going to visit Miss Sally’s Great Nieces who lived in a seaside fishing town. Through the station they went, following Miss Sally as they made their way to the train platform. Beaumont licked his lips as he thought of all the delicious seafood they would be eating – his favourite. 

Beaumont hopped onto Miss Sally’s lap, eagerly peering out the window of their train compartment. Sigmund hid up in the suitcase storage area above the seats, getting comfortable and enjoying a winged snack he snagged on the way in. Away they went.

The countryside of rolling hills and peat-lands began turning into more mountainous reaches, then dropped off again. Beaumont watched as the land began to fall. The sea was approaching, and Beaumont only grew more excited. 

Then, the train stopped. Beaumont took in a deep breath, taking in the glorious scent of salt in the air. Miss Sally carried him under one arm, her luggage in the other hand. They caught a cab to where Miss Sally’s Great Nieces, Lilian, Rose and Daisy lived. It was a beautiful two story house. It shone in the spring sun, its white plaster facade shining like a pearl. The door and windows were painted red, and the roof was a skillfully constructed thatch. A tall chimney stood tall over the top of the roof. 

Even for a small town, it was bustling.

Wagons and horse-drawn cabs went up and down the streets, carrying people and goods alike. Venders selling fruit and vegetables, slabs of peat, flowers, home-goods, and of course fish lined the streets and docks. A nearby musician sang some tunes, playing the music on a guitar and gathering a small crowd. And oh that glorious, wonderful scent of the sea breeze that blew so gently. 

Beaumont closed his eyes as Miss Sally carried him inside, feeling the breeze flow through his dark fur and rustling his yellow bowtie. His moment of seaside bliss was only interrupted by the excited greeting by the girls, Lilian, Rose, and Daisy who quickly scooped him up from Miss Sally’s arms.

That evening, they went to the beach. Up on a sand dune sat Beaumont. The waves roared in their impassioned songs, and the tall seagrass on the dunes rustled from the breeze. Sigmund came to Beaumont. He gestured to one of the kites Lilian had brought to the beach to fly. 

“Beaumont me ole pal,” Sigmund said. “You know, I’d like to try flyin’ again. I remember when we went up in that ole balloon, as we did.”

“On a kite?” Beaumont questioned.

“Aye,” said Sigmund. “I’ll be a hangin’ from me own silk, if you can gets the kite airborne.” 

“I’ve never flown a kite before, though.”

“Well, I can’t exactly go an askin’ of the girlies or Miss Sally, now can I? Can you try? I 

would love to try to fly, so I do.” 

“Oh, alright, I’ll give it a go.”

Beaumont carefully uncoiled the string of the kite. He took it in his mouth and took off running down the dune. Sigmund fastened himself to the bottom of the kite by a strand of his silk. When it looked like Beaumont would not be able to get the kite to fly, a gust of the seabreeze caught the kite. 


Up the kite soared. Beaumont held onto the spool with his paws, pushing it down into the sand. He guided the kite with his mouth, holding onto the string. And there flew Sigmund!

“Woohoo! I be a flyin’ so I am!” exclaimed Sigmund as he dangled in the wind. Beaumont laughed as he watched his friend fly. Then other kites joined with the one Beaumont flew. The sound of cheerful little girls joined with Beaumont’s happy meows as Lilian, Rose, and Daisy, accompanied by Miss Sally, flew their own kites, coming over to where Beaumont was on the grassy dunes.

The girls laughed, finding the fact Beaumont was flying a kite amusing. The trip to the shore to visit Beaumont’s favourite girls that lovely, sunny weekend in late April was one of Beaumont’s favourite holiday trips, and Sigmund’s too.