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Spider-Man: Threat Or Menace?

Photo courtesy of Marvel

Hello Readers!

We are back with a special Spider-Man Edition of The Comenian!

This is a character that is very close to the hearts of our staff so to celebrate all the recent Spider-Man stuff that has been coming out recently, we wanted to show our love for the character in the best way we know how.

For me personally, Spider-Man and I have always had a rocky relationship because it very often feels like Marvel doesn’t know what to do with the character. I often feel that the character has been stuck in limbo, cursed to forever be an adolescent who barely gets development before the next reboot or show. 

That said, this year has reminded me of why I love the character so much and why he means so much to me and so many other people. The recent releases of Across The Spider-Verse and the video game, Spider-Man 2, in addition to my recent interest in his comics have reignited my love for this character.

Spider-Man is a character that represents the struggles of the everyday person. I know that’s a tired statement but it’s true. Especially in my college years as I’m entering adulthood, I find Peter’s struggle between balancing everything in his life all the more relatable. 

Even though he swings around the city like a trapeze artist on drugs, can punch with literal tons of force, and runs up walls, he feels so down to earth and realistic because of the struggles he faces which bring him to conflict with every aspect of his life.

Life constantly beats him down to the point where most other people would quit but Spider-Man continues to do the right thing regardless. Some may see his story as a cautionary tale but he’s inspiring because he continues to get up after every fall. 

His struggles are so universal that literally anyone can relate to him on at least some level. He’s not some billionaire or a chosen one (usually), he’s just an everyday guy who tries to do his best for the communities around him.

What makes Spider-Man so special and what sets him apart from any other hero is that anyone can wear that mask. Anyone can be Spider-Man; all you have to do is be good and supportive to your community and to those around you. Sure you’ll make mistakes but the most important thing is that you continue to get back up. 

Will you make mistakes? Yes. Will life sometimes put you through the wringer? Yes. What matters most is that in spite of that adversity, you still get up and live another day. That is what Spider-Man stands for. It’s not about the cool powers and bombastic action, it’s about having the perseverance to continue on and face the world with your head held high. 

Anyone can be Spider-Man. That mask may not always fit, but it will eventually.

Before I sign off: if you’re interested in joining The Comenian please join us at our meetings, which take place every Wednesday at 5 p.m. in Zinzendorf Hall, room 100. 

We are looking for new writers, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, and more, so if any of those interest you be sure to stop by or email me at [email protected]

The Comenian supports a wide range of content. If you want to interview students around campus, you can. If you want to make video essays you can. If you want to make short comics, you can. Whether you want to write about news, politics, music, movies, sports, video games, food, history, or anything else, I guarantee you will have a place here.

Also, if you would like to be notified by email whenever we publish a new edition of the paper – either the online or print version – please send your address to [email protected]. We’ll add you to our email list!

Thank you for reading our first refresh of the semester. I hope you come back soon as we continue to publish new content every other week.

Your editor-in-chief,


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