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Praise of the Week: Garbanzo

Todd Reedy
Pictured: Ben Graffin (Garbanzo’s Finest)

For four years now, Garbanzo has been my favorite spot to eat on campus. That’s it. That’s the praise. GOATbanzo.

I would never say such little words to support the tastiest corner of the B&G. I legitimately feel that Garbanzo offers not only the most variety of quality, made-to-order food at Moravian but also the most astonishingly satisfying portions for what you pay as well! 

As a pescetarian, dining options for me are obviously going to be limited on campus. Garbanzo not only has BOTH some very tasty falafel and portobello mushrooms for plant-based protein options, but these two options come at no additional cost, unlike their B&G Impossible counterpart at CRU5H, being an additional $2.99. Never once have I been disappointed stuffing my face with some Garbanzo falafel. Staying full and with plenty of Dining Dollars has never felt better. 

However, I’m not just eating falafel at Garbanzo. Customization options are seemingly endless. With a diverse smorgasbord of veggies, rice, sauces (Tzatziki + Tahini sauce combo being my favorite), hummus, tabbouleh, and more at everyone’s disposal, I get sucked into the void trying to make my perfect order.

I totally lied to you. I think I can do my order in my sleep.

As an avid enjoyer of their laffa wraps, I formally apologize for the many over-stuffed wraps that I’ve customized over the years. I can’t help myself when I have the freedom to add the entire menu into a wad of bread. The Garbanzo gang never disappoints, though, as they somehow manage to get everything in there without fail every time. Thanks again for that and for not pelting the laffa directly into my skull. My orders are dense, so it would probably kill me instantly. 

Garbanzo is also home to the best fries on campus. I don’t want to hear the CRU5H apologists piling at my dorm in TEARS over the whole ten lightly salted fries they get with their order there. Garbanzo has those tantalizing, delectable, scrumdiddlyumptious seasoned fries that get this predominantly white institution’s taste buds exploding. 

Catching a common theme? Garbanzo just doesn’t disappoint. 

And, just when you think it couldn’t get any better, THEY JUST ADDED A PUNCH CARD SYSTEM!!! For every five meals you order, you get another one for FREE! Make sure you get one of these cards ASAP. If Moravian offered to give me a full punch card in place of my diploma at graduation, I’d take the card, no questions asked. 

While my purpose is to stop by for the food, what’s always so much more worthwhile are the awesome people who prepare the food daily to keep Moravian’s three Michelin Star restaurant up and running. Never have I not had a pleasant experience chatting it up with the Garbanzo crew while they, unfortunately, have to choke-slam my gargantuan wrap together. 

Special shoutout to employee Ben Graffin! For the longest time I can remember, we’ve shared plenty of awesome conversations. Whether it be ranting about whatever’s tough in our lives, fun vacations planned in the near future, our favorite video games, or even just how our days are going, Garbanzo wouldn’t be Garbanzo without him. If you catch Ben working one of these days, be sure to pop by and say hi! He’s not only one of the nicest people I’ve gotten to know on campus, he’s a culinary wizard as well.

To make a long story short, Garbanzo is the best. If you’ve been meaning to try it or looking for excuses to use up more dining dollars, show them some love. Thank you, Garbanzo, for always being the best! Wouldn’t be able to Falafelmaxx without you. <3

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