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Restaurant Review: Birriaholic Brings the Latin

Photo by Lyana Cintron

Birriaholic brings Latin street food to Bethlehem through their small and stylish restaurant along Broad Street. I’m a Puerto Rican at Moravian, and this restaurant instantly became one of my favorites, as the nostalgia for the food helped me through my homesickness.

The first thing I will comment on is the atmosphere. The energy is immediately vibrant as you step into the area, greeted by Latin music that makes you want to wiggle in your seat. As you are greeted by the servers, they typically allow you to seat yourself at any available table you prefer. 

The menu is broad. It’s definitely one of those menus where the customer really has to take their time to scan through the options, because there is so much to consider. Thankfully, the staff is very friendly and patient, so the adrenaline of trying to rush and pick what to order is not an issue there. 

All of the juices are naturally made at the restaurant. Appetizers are split from small portions to “shareables” to accommodate bigger parties. Empanadas, egg rolls, and, of course, the classic birria tacos, are the main event of the menu – all of which come with broth to dip them in. The menu also features different types of rice bowls, vegetarian options, and even birria-styled ramen.

On my most recent visit, I ordered their “Limeade” and elotes-street corn, which is corn lathered in a cream of your choice and spices. The corn was not as savory as I had imagined it would be but still enjoyable. The “limeade” will never fail to satisfy me, though. Their naturally made lemonade is tasty while not being overbearingly sweet – something that I find most lemonades tend to do. 

Next up was the main entre. I got the empanadas with a side of white rice, pinto beans, and tostones. The empanadas are quite scrumptious and cooked well enough to enjoy the crunchy shell alongside tender meat and melted cheese. Not over or under done. 

The white rice and beans were also good, although a smidge bland. However, their lack is made up by the tostones (fried plantains). The mayo-ketchup with the lightly-salted tostones is the dessert equivalent of a cherry on top of a sundae. 

Despite the menu being really good overall, I personally love the egg rolls. I think about their egg rolls at least twice a week since I first had them. Their loaded fries are also a must-try – the portions are enough to feed a whole family … like actually. 

Overall, I can happily say I’ve never left Birriaholic unsatisfied. The presentation of the food enhances the excitement to dig in and the majority of the time patrons leave with enough leftovers to replace a meal.  

Birriaholic is definitely great for a day you find yourself close to starving and ready to grub out. From the service to the food, it is definitely a must-visit destination in the South Campus area. The restaurant is located at 81 West Broad Street in downtown Bethlehem.

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