Club Spotlight: Gamma Sigma Sigma


Gamma Sigma Sigma members participating in a fundraiser for Alex’s Lemonade Stand in the HUB.

What is your club about? 

Gamma Sigma Sigma is an inclusive community service sorority. This means that anyone who wants to join the sorority is welcome. The goal of Gamma Sigma Sigma is to bring people together by creating engaging opportunities to serve our campus and community. By getting involved in Gamma Sigma Sigma, you will learn so much about the community around Moravian. Gamma Sigma Sigma helps people create relationships with other people who have similar values. It also provides many opportunities for members to develop leadership skills.

When was your club established?

Gamma Sigma Sigma was founded nationally in 1952, when the first national convention took place at Beekman Tower in New York City.

Who are your current leaders (advisors, president, vice president, etc.)?

Our chapter advisor is Gillian Sharkey, who is the director of civic engagement and [so] provides us with tons of diverse service opportunities. 

This year, I — Lexi Reinold — am the president of our chapter, but I work closely with TahLea Wright, who is our vice president of service, making sure that everyone has opportunities to complete their service hour requirements. The executive board includes Elizabeth Horn (vice president of membership), Christine Wieder (assistant vice president of membership), Shelby Nickerson (treasurer), Janelle Demko (financial secretary), Mikayla Jucewicz (secretary), Lauren Balbierer (historian), Liz Schwartz (social chair), Meagan Ryer (social chair), Victoria Ritter (parliamentarian), and Gabe Chlebove (PAL).

When does your club meet?

Our club typically has its general membership meetings on Sundays at 9 p.m. Our executive board meets an hour before that. In terms of service, members are able to complete their hour requirements whenever it is most convenient for them. 

What is the most popular activity that the campus knows you for?

Our members are able to choose to volunteer at places that are important to them. We regularly have members who volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club, the Humane Society, and Flint Hill Farm.

What are the biggest challenges that your club faces?

One is getting more men to join! Even though we are called a sorority, we do have a few male members. 

If you could pair up with another club for an event or project, who would it be?

I would really like to pair up with ECO or Habitat for Humanity on a service project. I feel as though our clubs have very similar values, and if we worked together we would be able to make an impact. I would also be interested in pairing up with Zeta Tau Alpha to support them in their initiatives on breast cancer awareness and education.  

What is the latest project that your club is excited about?

One of my goals for this year is to throw a campus-wide fundraiser for one of our service partners. Be on the lookout for more information about that later this year.

If you had an unlimited budget, what dream project would your club put it towards?

I would really like to throw a large-scale event to fund-raise for one of our project IMPACT areas, which are invisible disabilities and diseases and anti-bullying and suicide prevention. I would also love to go visit schools in the Bethlehem area to help educate kids about the dangers of bullying.

What makes Gamma Sigma Sigma different from the other sororities and fraternities on campus at Moravian?

Gamma Sigma Sigma in some ways is similar to other Greek [organizations]. Similarly to the other sororities and fraternities, we have a big/little reveal, formals, and other social events.  However, we also have some key differences. Our organization is completely inclusive, so anyone who wants to join is welcome. Our rush week is a time where potential new members can decide if Gamma Sig is right for them. Gamma Sigma Sigma is also different because all of our members joined because they love serving our community. Rather than just having one service partner, our members volunteer with dozens of organizations.

-Questions answered by Lexi Reinold