Club Spotlight: Zinzendorf Literary Society


A few members from the Zinzendorf Literary Society at a showing of the play “And Then There Were None”

What is your club about?

The Zinzendorf Literary Society creates experiences in writing and literature for the campus community, sponsors creative writing workshops and poetry readings, and plans field trips of literary interest to area festivals and museums.

When was your club established?

I truly don’t know when our club was first started, but I would say that we have been on the campus for a while.

Who are your current leaders (advisors, president, vice president, etc.)?

Our advisor is Dr. Dougal [professor of English], and she helps us with planning events during meetings. I am the current president, and I am in charge of running the meetings and planning events and activities for the club. Isaac Weston is the vice president of Zinzendorf, and he assists in organizing the trips that Zinzendorf sponsors, along with running meetings and discussions. Our treasurer is Amanda Whitworth, and she keeps track of Zinzendorf’s spending for events. Finally, our secretary is Sarah Ball, and she records the minutes at our meetings and sends them out to the club members.

When does your club meet?

Our club currently meets on Wednesdays at 4 p.m., but next semester the meetings will be moved to Tuesdays at 4 p.m.

What is the most popular activity that the campus knows you for?

I would say that we are known for co-sponsoring the trip to the Dodge Poetry Festival every other year.

What are the biggest challenges that your club faces?

Getting our name out there. I feel that because the Zinzendorf Literary Society is mostly a literature-based club, people think that only English majors can join. However, I would like the campus community to know that our meetings and activities are open to everyone.

If you could pair up with another club for an event or project, who would it be?

I would love to work on planning events with AAUW or any of the diversity clubs on campus to do a spoken word event, story sharing session, or something along those lines.

What is the latest project that your club is excited about?

We just had our Halloween party on October 30, and that was a fun event because several club members shared scary stories that interested them and even shared some scary stories of their own. We are currently planning a group trip to the Captured Lehigh Valley Escape Room to take a break from the stress of classes. We are also working on getting tickets together to see Lehigh University’s “The Broken Machine.”

If you had an unlimited budget, what dream project would your club put it towards?

My dream project would be to host a campus-wide trip to Broadway to see “To Kill A Mockingbird.” I think that “To Kill A Mockingbird” is a staple piece of literature and the Broadway show is fairly new. I think that it would be amazing to see a book that many of us have read in our English classes come to life and make connections from reading the book to watching it on stage.

Why should people be a part of the Zinzendorf Literary Society? 

I think that people should join the Zinzendorf Literary Society because we all love to talk about literature and plan trips to theater productions and museums of literary interest. If you have an interest in anything literary related, feel free to come to one of our club meetings and learn about any upcoming events and field trips. All are welcome!

– Questions answered by Lauren Balbierer, President