Opinion: Better to Stay on Campus During COVID-19


Part one of the email announcing the online-only policy.

Many concerns have risen as the coronavirus continues to spread, with one of the most frequent discussions revolving around why Moravian has not yet closed. 

While it is understandable as to why those involved with making that call want the campus to remain up and running, many students feel that there are not enough precautions being taken. These individuals argue that although classes will now be online, this is not stopping students from gathering in a classroom and accessing a class together or working on homework. 

Personally, I agree with the campus remaining open simply because I consider the bigger picture: those who have nowhere else to go. 

There are some individuals who have no other option but to stay on campus due to travel restrictions or whatever the case may be. These students rely on the College to stay open simply to have a place to call home and to provide meals to them, which would be taken away if we were to shut down. 

I believe that as long as everyone takes the necessary precautions to socially distance themselves from other people, consistently wash their hands, and follow the daily email updates that President Grigsby has been sending out, Moravian will be able to successfully stay open and run efficiently through these difficult circumstances.