Coronavirus’s Impact on the Sports World


Cheerleading; Head Coach: Ashley Melchionna

Whether you are a division three athlete, a hopeful NBA pro looking for a chance to impress scouts at March Madness or Tiger Woods looking to repeat as Masters champion, one thing is for sure — none of these events will be taking place.

The coronavirus is running rampant all around the world and sadly has fully closed college sports at all levels.

Professional sports-wise, they have been delayed from their starts. One-off events like the Masters in the PGA tour of golf or March Madness of NCAA basketball have been fully cancelled. When taking this into consideration, the first two thoughts go out to the players and personnel of the team as well as the fans of these respective sports.

But the thing that the coronavirus is also impacting the most is the closing of stadiums and arenas, which hurts the workers whose jobs it is to provide everything for the fans. 

If there is a positive to look at, it is the generosity of the players of each team. Kevin Love donated $100,000 to the Cavaliers arena workers during this time when it was shut down. Superstars have chipped in as well to their respective teams. The youngest to donate was NBA rookie the 19-year-old Zion Williamson, who donated funds to the New Orleans Pelicans arena.  

About the athletes at Moravian: a lot of the seniors have lost their last chance at playing the sport they love. I have talked to respective athletes from other schools who have talked about how upset they are to lose their last chance of playing, since the pros are not in sight for a lot of them. But it doesn’t take away that love of the game for just the athletes themselves –it takes away from the parents seeing their kids one last time as well. 

Looking at all of this, I agree that sadly closing college sports may have been the right — and only — call.

The health of all the players, coaches, fans, and families is what is the most important.

So even though everything is shutting down, social distancing and washing your hands are just two of the ways to keep yourself and everyone around you safe.

I have covered a ton of Moravian sports and watched a lot of sports in my life, but this situation is new to everyone. I want to thank all those players whose senior seasons were taken away from them for the way they were playing at an incredibly high level.

I have commentated on and seen a lot of great games at Moravian, and the players who are graduating have done amazing things for their programs.  

Below are steps that one can take to prevent the spread of coronavirus and help flatten the curve here in the United States: