A College Student’s Guide to Surviving a Pandemic Through TikTok


TikTok, one of the most popular new media platforms, is helping students cope with coronavirus; Photo Courtesy of: theverge.com

In this troubling time with no distinct end in sight, it is difficult to remain positive.

A substantial challenge is finding useful activities to consume your time. As our workloads pilr up and we grow even more desperate for human interaction, I have a solution: TikTok. 

Now, hear me out. I am not creative, nor am I a good dancer. I am not exceedingly trendy either and avoid buying into trends. I have a fear of being the main focus of big crowds. But this time it is different, and TikTok breaks all those rules for me. 

There is a plethora of people who have gained stardom through their use of horrible dance moves, comedy, relatability, and so much more. You optimize your solidarity by creating content from the comfort of your room. 

It is important to feel that your time has value and purpose. The school work has not been particularly fulfilling as I struggle to stay motivated and create good, meaningful work. But my outlet, like many others, is spending hours on TikTok. 

I would guess that few of us want to pick up a book or do something exceedingly productive, but now you have a guide. The news and discussions surrounding this “unspeakable issue” that has displaced our dreams and realities are exasperating. 

I am certainly not promoting spending hours on TikTok or procrastinating work, but it is an option. This is also not a promise that you will become TikTok famous or that a single human will watch them. This is simply a guide to fill the abundance of free time we now have that doesn’t attempt to solve any real issues. This is a mere distraction and consumption of time.

So sit down, pop in your AirPods so your family cannot judge you, and relax.

(Note: The videos below contain some explicit language. And remember: alcohol should only be consumed by those over the age of 21. This is not encouraging drinking!!!)

-Why you should put those earbuds in 

-Learn a new dance like the renegade, a classic

-Or make a duet and possibly find your true love

-Create a “story time”:

      -They can be funny

      -Or very serious

-Give your wardrobe a makeover or restyle your old jeans

-Redo or give your bedroom a makeover

-Show off your cute dog (Because one just isn’t enough)

-Create an event for your family or do a family game night

-For those of legal drinking age, do a house “bar crawl”

-Have a Zoom happy hour with your friends

-Start a new hobby

-Learn to cook

-Spark some childhood memories

-Or finally, the most difficult suggestion — make an original dance