Club Spotlight: Moravian College PCMEA


Members of PCMEA with drums.

What is your club about? 

Pennsylvania Collegiate Music Educators Association’s goals are to make opportunities for professional development available to members as well as, provide our members chances to meet leaders in the music education field through participation in workshops, meetings and the annual conference, assist the Moravian Music Department with various projects and events, and provide the opportunity to interact with members from other schools’ chapters.

When was your club established? 

We officially became a USG-sponsored club in Spring 2019, but the music education students had discussed the possibility of having this organization since our adviser, Professor Lutte, had been hired by Moravian College in Fall 2018.

Who are your current leaders (advisors, president, vice president, etc.)? 

Our leaders are as follows:


President: Amy Flyte; Vice President: Marc Bernal; Secretary: Regina McElroy; Treasurer: Cora Castor


President: Cora Castor; Vice President: Regina McElroy; Secretary: Jen Calhoun; Treasurer: Missy Salvadeo; Historian: Michaela Madaio; Junior Rep: Ben Sanchez; Sophomore Rep: Jessika Gross

When does your club meet? 

PCMEA meets on days that we have workshops as well as general meetings that occur on Sundays evenings, approximately once a month.

Members of PCMEA
Members of PCMEA

What is the most popular activity that the campus knows you for?

PCMEA is most commonly known for workshops to help members continually hone our music education craft as well as supplement any areas that we may not cover due to time constraints within the major. We also were recently known for hosting the High School Choral Adjudication, an event where high schools from several areas in Pennsylvania and New Jersey joined us to perform and receive feedback from collegiate vocal professors.

What are the biggest challenges that your club faces?

One of our biggest challenges is having the time and financial support to provide our members with sufficient access to workshops and events.

If you could pair up with another club for an event or project, who would it be? 

If we could pair up with any other organization on campus, we would love to team up with the Education Honors Fraternity, Kappa Delta Pi.

What is the latest project that your club is excited about? 

The latest project that we are excited about is the Feierabend certification program that is currently scheduled to take place this summer. The event is open to current educators as well as our Moravian music education majors, providing them the opportunity to get certified in Feierabend’s music education philosophy and curriculum.

If you had an unlimited budget, what dream project would your club put it towards? 

If we had an unlimited budget, we would love to bring in more presenters and workshops to continue to develop our craft of music education. We would also love to be able to take all music education majors to the Pennsylvania Music Educator Association (PMEA) State Conference that is held annually.

How does your club get involved in the community?

We have made and donated drums to Title 1 schools, hosted the PMEA District 10 Jazz Band Festival, and hosted a High School Choral Adjudication.

What past projects is your club most proud of?

We are most proud of our drum making workshop with clinician, Mary Knysh. She taught us how to make drums by hand and use them for classroom management. We provided the sets of drums to several Title 1 schools in the Lehigh Valley and brought some of our music education majors to the schools to give mini lessons and presentations using the drums.

Answers provided by Amy Flyte, Marc Bernal, Regina McElroy, Cora Castor, and Professor Lutte.