Club Spotlight: Moravian College Equestrian Team


Photo Courtesy of: Holly Ahner

The Equestrian Team is one of Moravian’s club sports, and it is the only club that works with 1,000 pound animals: horses! If you are interested in joining the club, contact club president Katelyn Nardi at [email protected] or Captain Holly Ahner at [email protected].

What is your club about?

Our club is all about horses! We take our shared love of horses and riding and combine it with team comradery to get lessons and compete against other schools in the area. 

When was your club established?

I am not sure of the exact year but probably in the 60s or 70s. Back in the 70s, riding used to be an option for a PE credit!

Who are your current leaders (advisors, president, vice president, etc.)?

Our advisor is Julie Huber, who works in the Career and Civic Engagement Center. Our president is Katie Nardi, our captain is Holly Ahner, our secretary is Faith Candelora, and our treasurer is Jess Pyne.

When does your club meet?

The club meets on an as needed basis, and with weekly lessons.

What is the most popular activity that the campus knows you for?

One of the team events that was well-known several years ago, but not so much now is that the team donated the horse Grey to the Bethlehem Mounted Police! 

What are the biggest challenges that your club faces?

Equestrian sports tend to be very expensive and our team is no exception. We are constantly worrying if we will have enough money to continue lessons and compete. Another one of our biggest challenges is transportation to and from lessons and competitions. Since everything associated with the team is off campus, it is sometimes hard to find student drivers who are willing to transport themselves and the other team members using their personal vehicles.

If you could pair up with another club for an event or project, who would it be?

We would love to team up with Hound Pack to increase the awareness of the equestrian team as well as let students know that we would love their support and spectatorship at competitions! 

What is the latest project that your club is excited about?

We recently started implementing team workouts into our normal list of activities. With the no off campus travel restriction we needed something on campus for the team to do and a weekly team workout sounded like the perfect idea! It allows us to have a team bonding opportunity as well as keep us in shape for when we are allowed to ride again. 

If you had an unlimited budget, what dream project would your club put it towards?

We would love to have a college owned barn with college owned horses and a trainer who is dedicated solely to us! 

What makes your club so unique?

The fact that we sit on 1000lb animals for fun makes our club pretty unique! 

-Questions answered by Holly Ahner, Captain