The Class that Made a Difference: Independent Study (Dr.Tabor)


Kelly Grab ’11 Photo Courtesy of Kelly Grab

This is the first installment of our new series in which Moravian alumni reflect on the college course and professor that had a lasting impact on their lives and/or careers. 

Kelly Grab graduated from Moravian in 2011 with a major in English and a minor in photography. She currently lives in Homewood, Illinois, and works as the director of community standards and student advocacy at Governers State University, 30 miles south of Chicago. 

During my senior year, I had the opportunity to pursue a year-long research project under the guidance of a faculty advisor, Dr. Nicole Tabor. This was an invaluable experience as I prepared to head off to graduate school immediately after graduation; however, the skills I learned with Dr. Tabor’s mentorship I use to this day. 

I have worked at several institutions of higher education in residential life, student conduct, and Title IX. In [my current] role, I provide leadership for institutional efforts to support and promote a campus climate of civility, personal integrity, responsibility, and social justice by administering the Student Code of Conduct. Additionally, I oversee the GSU4U initiative that connects students who are facing basic needs insecurities to campus and community resources. 

My position requires inquiry and assessment of credibility, both of which I did in my close readings of fiction. I am also often tasked with implementing various federal and state requirements. 

Most importantly, I believe that the Honors Program and my coursework generally prepare someone in far more ways for work and life than the ability to read and write well. Perhaps the most important skill is the ability to perceive the world from multiple points of view.