Senior Reflection: Julianna Fedorich


Julianna Fedorich. Photo courtesy of Julianna Fedorich.

I can imagine college, especially Moravian College, being pivotal in any young adult’s life.

MoCo has pushed me and taught me valuable lessons I could not have learned other places and on topics I was not even exposed to at my previous institution. But it is not until the end of that journey that we can have 20/20 (too soon to even look at those numbers together after the crazy year) vision and know how much it truly meant. 

Being a senior at Moravian has been nothing like I dreamt, but in some ways, it has been better.

I transferred institutions at a very unconventional time, in the middle of my junior year, and feared making new friends here. As a commuter, I felt disconnected from the college community, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Yet, surprisingly, COVID opened a number of doors and new opportunities for me. I began writing for The Comenian to share my ideas and form those connections I felt I lacked at MoCo. I started working at a senior care home near my house, where I was challenged to grow.

I was scared to start the changes, just as I am now — about to be out in the world all by myself. 

I was scared to get involved with The Comenian because I did not think I was a strong writer.

Frankly, I’m still not sure that I am. Yet, I am told I’m better than I think I am.

I learned so many things about writing and myself (and a lot about active voice). I learned making connections is much easier than I thought. Through a combination of experiences and therapy, I also learned that my voice matters.

I’m a perfectionist, type A, major people pleaser, and I never want to cause a rift in the flow — that’s why I mostly wrote straight factual pieces. After all, someone always has to write the less exciting fact-based pieces.

I am finally content with who I am, confident in my abilities, and simply happy. 

Moravian College and The Comenian helped me step out of my comfort zone and grow into the woman I am today. My growth will continue, but I am immensely grateful for my journey thus far.

Now, on to Elon Law School.