Editor’s Letter (11/12)


Photo courtesy of Nicholas Wan

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the 11/12 edition of The Comenian! 

I am pleased to say that our 10/29 print edition of The Comenian was a huge success! The general reception around campus has been very positive, based on the many people who have told me how excited they were to see the newspaper in print again. There are still copies floating around campus if you have not yet picked one up. Check the HUB! 

As you know, we publish new content every other week, but this would mean that our next edition would release during Thanksgiving break. As such, the next edition of The Comenian will be released on Nov. 23 (11/23), so be on the lookout for that!

As always, The Comenian encourages any and all with a passion for writing, photography, or videography to attend our meetings and join our incredible staff. Students need not have prior journalism experience to join. 

The Comenian meets at 5:00 p.m. every Wednesday via Zoom. Please email [email protected]edu to be added to our mailing list. 

For this edition of The Comenian, we have the following for your reading pleasure. 

Shayla Borger reports on the ‘If Your Diversity Doesn’t Include Disability, It’s Not Diverse Enough’ webinar, and shares the presenters’ ideas on how to improve accessibility at Moravian — an important topic that the Moravian community needs to address. 

Copy editor Anna Litofsky writes about the beautiful and vibrant mural paintings as part of Moravian’s Health and Justice InFocus. Additionally, check out Anna’s latest “Behind the Mask” comic, and read more about the creation of comics and “Behind the Mask,” from Anna’s presentation during Moravian’s Week on Writing

We have a pair of enthralling stories from guest reporters Madeline Wickel, who reports on her ROTC experience, and James Mecca, who reports on his summer research project involving sharks

For our regular features, reporter Anthony DiSipio highlights Dr. Josh Lord in our latest “Professor Spotlight,” and learn more about Moravian’s Video Game Club in our “Club Spotlight” feature. 

Director of the Payne Gallery, David Leidich, shares some pictures and information about the Payne Gallery’s current feature: “Painted Pages: Illuminated Manuscripts 13th-18th centuries.” 

Reporter AJ Minnich rants about the woes of registering for classes in our “Rant of the Week” feature. AJ also continues his reviews of the “Mass Effect” series of video games — this time with “Mass Effect 2,” and reporter Abby Brisson reports on the World Stories Program. 

And that’s that! Thank you for reading and your continued support of The Comenian! 

Your editor-in-chief,