News from USG: 2/8/22


USG Updates: 

USG is excited about the return of students to campus for the spring semester. Even in the midst of a pandemic, USG is working hard on both new and past initiatives. Here are some updates we’d like to make you aware of: 

  • USG is implementing a Club Concern Form (link) where clubs can direct general inquiry questions to USG and expect an answer from a USG representative. 
  • USG is working on various infrastructure initiatives that may include a new pavilion, new water fountains around campus, window coatings, or even a greenhouse. Be on the lookout for a poll from USG so you can let us know what you’d like to see!
  • USG will continue the hygiene products program, where essential toiletries will be made available to all students, regardless of gender identification, in each bathroom around campus. 
  • USG is expanding the Greyhound Discounts program to a couple of different vendors this year. Details are still in the works, but be on the  lookout for some sweet deals by the middle of the semester. 
  • USG is implementing a Comment/Suggestion Form to increase student engagement and determine student consensus on the various initiatives we’re working on. Feel free to share your thoughts!

We’re very excited about working on these initiatives and more. We take our responsibility as student representatives very seriously, and we appreciate the support and input of the student body. On behalf of your 2021 USG Governing Body, we wish you a wonderful spring semester!


Upcoming Events: 

  • Feb. 12 – Spreading Kindness Event 

Sponsored by the Counseling Center

  • Feb. 13 – Celebrating Black Love 

Sponsored by BSU, Rhythm Riders, and FroNation

  • Feb. 17 – Celebrating Black Hair!

Sponsored by FroNation

  • Feb 26. – Black Lives Matter Rally

Sponsored by DEI Office

  • Mar. 26 – Spring Semester Town Hall 

Sponsored by USG

For more information, please contact the sponsoring organization. 


Keep on Learning Initiative: 

Moravian University is implementing a new initiative titled ‘Keep On Learning.’ “Under unusual and difficult circumstances (weather-related campus closures, pandemics, etc.), Moravian faculty and staff will continue to work hard to ensure your education continues.” This website has all of the details on what to do in the event of an unforeseen circumstance where the order of academic events may be distrubed, and how to adjust accordingly. Have you ever wondered where all of the available study spaces on campus are, or even when they are open? There is a detailed list with all available study spaces and corresponding hours of operation. There are also resources under this initiative for students with Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits and International students with F-1 Visas. This initiative is meant to support and assist students in navigating the various challenges of online/hybrid learning. Feel free to look into it and check out the website. 



Coffeehouse Remodel – $150.00 

Requested by Coffeehouse Staff

Approved: Feb. 2 


As a Reminder:
These funds are available for all individuals, clubs, departments, or organizations on campus to apply for. Each request is heard and voted on by the USG governing body. Those requesting are asked to attend a general meeting to present their request. 


PR Requests: 

USG will share your club’s event posters on our Instagram story or Twitter feed. Send your poster to [email protected] for it to be shared! 

Interested in starting a club or applying for discretionary funds? Click here to learn more.