Club Spotlight: American Sign Language Club


Photo courtesy of HorseshoesNHandbags via Etsy

What is your club about?  

The American Sign Language club is about welcoming and educating people about the deaf community, their culture, and of course, sign language!


When was your club established?

The ASL Club was established at the very end of last semester and we began holding meetings in the spring semester of 2022.


Who are your current leaders?

Due to the recency of the club’s creation, we do not have all of our E-Board positions filled. For the moment our club leaders are as follows:

Co-presidents: Hannah Dresher and Lindsey Saykay

Treasurer: Rachel Korb


When does your club meet?

Our club meets every other Thursday from 5-6 pm. (Locations may vary)


What are the biggest challenges that your club faces?

Being a newer club on campus our main struggle is gaining public knowledge. Not a ton of people know about our club and we hope that this spotlight helps to bring attention and awareness to our cause.